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Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
I’ve been very excited to listen to this album for a really long time now and finally it’s here. This album is a lot, it’s thrilling, it’s chilling, it’s sad, it’s loud, it’s hard, it’s beautiful and it’s one of the best albums I’ve heard in a really long time, I’m not telling jokes.

Quadeca’s last album From Me To You was one of those album’s that to me was good but could’ve been ten times better and you know ... read more

Souza - Magic Mud
Requested Review/ Track Review
Souza goes in a bit personal on this track, talking about his desires for the future and his loved ones. I think lyrically this track is a bit of a mixed bag, he does get some good lines in every now and then mainly on the second half of the song. The first verse did drag a bit with the cliche lyrics about being in the hood and smoking dope. I get what he was going for but it didn’t really work for me. The second verse lyrically wasn’t bad, apart from ... read more
Taylor Swift - Midnights
Finally some new Taylor Swift, I loved both the albums Folklore & Evermore that she dropped in 2020. I loved a lot of her material for a long time now, this is the most mediocre I think she’s ever sounded.

I didn’t think I’d be saying this but it unfortunately is very minimal when it comes to impressive qualities. I don’t really know much to say about this album when it comes to positives because it’s such a basic record. For someone like Taylor Swift who has ... read more

Drake & 21 Savage - Her Loss
As weird as it is, I was kind of excited for this, I say it’s weird because the last album I enjoyed from Drake was his 2018 album Scorpion. So 4 years, 4 albums I’ve not liked but seeing Jimmy Cooks with 21 Savage was the best thing about Drakes last album I had hope that collabing with 21 Savage would be good. This is the best Drake has sounded since If Your Reading This It’s Too Late.

I’m shocked at how good this is, Drake has been so mediocre over the past few years ... read more

Souza & M27 - Blessed
Requested Review/Track Review
If anything I think this track definitely shows that Souza is a varied artist, he’s gone for a lot of different sounds at this point and that I can appreciate quite a bit so I’ll give that to him. Positives about this track, the mix is good, FINALLY. The mix sounds clean, it sounds fresh, I can hear what’s being said, that’s good progress. I like Souza’s flow and delivery when he’s rapping towards the end, I also liked the beat ... read more


Hey bruh! Got a new single out! check it out if u can, and feel free to leave some feedback If you like. Hope you enjoy It, and have a blessed day!
Thanks bro! Checking it out!
Heyy it’s all good bro! Appreciate all the feedback I can get! Gonna check it out now, and thanks man, I’ll deff send it ur way when it drops
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