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WhatTheFunkSing -
Rap metal? HPNGC is surprisingly moderate, with only a few samples and some productions by Code Orange. It pissed me off. I really like the song, but it could be a lot harder and better. Injury Reserve is so moderate, but the Peggy verse makes it much better and puts energy. Peggy killed it again, I wish the entire track was just him.
WhatTheFunkSing -
This track is great, i think if the album is at this level, it will be one of my aoty.

Can you believe Q-Tip made this beat? The same man behind "Jazz" is the man behind this beat lmao. Two totally different universe that I love. Successor to such a giant album as Atrocity Exhibition, what would follow was accompanied by undeniable pressure. But this is probably one of the least disappointing song and one ne of the finest songs of the year. I love how whimsical and cartoony the ... read more
WhatTheFunkSing -
What a fitting choice for the lead single.

Even though it's a territory Gira has already explored before on "White Light From the Mouth of Infinity", "It's Coming It's Real" sounds like a change of style compared to the album trilogy "Seer", "To Be Kind", "Glowing Man", the favorite trilogy of fans. These 3 albums were powerful, brutal, even transcendental. On this new single, the Hausswolffs provide beautiful harmonies, Gira sings low with a ... read more
WhatTheFunkSing -
This ain't Hip Hop
This ain't Jazz
This ain't Punk Rock
This ain't Gospel
But, damn, this is good

The only great "message to my haters" track ever made.
WhatTheFunkSing -

I will give a lot of 10/10 on this singles account because, for me, a song is more easily perfect than an album. Here is the first "classic" song review, the "Supper's Ready"'s one. This song was recommended to me by @TreyLikesBands, I knew it before because it is also the favorite song of my father. I think this song is pretty underrated, If "Supper's Ready" was shorter (which I'm glad it's not), it would be hailed in the same way that ... read more
Sep 8, 2019
Why do people have separate accounts for singles? Does it like ruin the aesthetic or something if you mix them or do people just do it for fun? Not hating or anything just making sure I don't mess my account up.
Sep 5, 2019
Nice Ski Mask profile picture
Sep 2, 2019
omg followed 💜 look forward to seeing what u post!
Sep 1, 2019
awesome!! can’t wait to see what you say
Sep 1, 2019
Wow, it's getting REALLY HARD for me to keep track of all the single accounts on this site, lol.
Sep 1, 2019
Awesome! Sent a follow your way
Sep 1, 2019
would love to see your opinion on Supper’s Ready by Genesis! my fav song of all time
Sep 1, 2019
Sep 1, 2019
Cool! Thanks for telling me!
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