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 - Wildlife
Wildlife is one of the most fascinating albums I've ever listened to. The album functions as a study on human suffering, and it explores this theme through four different "acts," each of which opens with a letter by our protagonist, detailing his personal struggles and losses.

In Act 1, our protagonist explores his own experience with suffering through different angles. On "Harder Harmonies," music functions as a crutch and a tool to help understand the world, but it always ... read more

Ginger is the boyband's moodiest, poppiest, and most sonically consistent album to date, and is also my personal favorite in their discography. "NO HALO" opens things up with a laid-back, fun verse from Matt Champion that really helps to set the tone for the whole project. Even the most rap-oriented bangers here like "BOY BYE" and "ST. PERCY" still feel lowkey compared to many songs off of literally any of their other albums. The features on the album add to the ... read more
 - how i'm feeling now
This album unlocked Charli XCX as an artist for me. After seeing much of the critical praise for her 2019 record Charli, I decided to give it a try, but was immediately turned off by noisy, bombastic production and highly-stylized vocal edits. Never really went back to her music, until the release of this record mid-pandemic. At this point, I had listened to and very much enjoyed 100 gecs debut album, so when I heard Dylan Brady produced a number of tracks on this record, I was willing to give ... read more
 - Greatest Hits
Generally in the lead-up to an album release, I'll only listen to new singles one time just to get a feel for what to expect, but not really learn the songs and spoil half the album for me. Most of the singles released for this album had me a bit confused, so I went into this album with some pretty low expectations. I've been a big fan of Waterparks since the release of Double Dare, and had convinced myself they would never be able to top that debut. With Greatest Hits, I think they actually ... read more
 - The Black Parade
This is my favorite album of all time. My Chemical Romance are able to take an incredibly dreary, depressing concept of death, loss, and the afterlife, and put together a tracklist of upbeat, fun songs. They take an incredibly intricate mythos of characters and ideas and use them in a broad enough way that every song is enjoyable with or without the storyline and concept. Instrumentally, the styles are diverse, but consistently top-notch. Vocally, Gerard Way sounds like a man on the brink of ... read more


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