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Sampha - Lahai
Oct 19

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Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar - The Hillbillies

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André 3000 - New Blue Sun
I listen to mostly Hip Hop, So when André announced the album I was super excited UNTIL I saw it was an entirely flute album, After listening to it, Maybe its better this way, The album just feels like a relaxing escape from reality for a good almost 90 minutes, The only few things i can complain about is the album's pacing, which felt too slow at times, And how long it took André to release a solo album.
Favorite Songs: I swear, I Really Wanted To Make A "Rap" Album ... read more
PinkPantheress - Heaven knows
Overall really liked it, better than To Hell With It imo, A Pink Pantheress project longer than 20 mins was really needed, Other than Nice to Meet You and Boys a liar there aren’t any misses imo (boys a liar is ok but ice spices verse kinda ruined it for me and Nice to Meet You was just kind of annoying) I think songs like Mosquito, Bury me and Capable of Love are all few of her best, overall a great debut album!
Favorite songs: True Romance, Mosquito, The Aisle, Bury Me,Blue, Capable of ... read more
Daniel Caesar - NEVER ENOUGH
Edit 70 -> 80
The whole album really grew on me, After My First Listen I said some of the songs were boring and repetitive and that i really dont see myself coming back to them, but now i really appreciate even the ones i didnt really like at first listen, The whole album is just a vibe, truly a great experience and now one of my favorite R&B projects from this year.
Favorite Songs: Ocho Rios, Toronto 2014, Let Me Go, Always, Disillusioned, Shot My Baby
Least Favorite Song : Vince Van ... read more
Ameer Vann & Merlyn Wood - Slime In the Ice Machine
I'm so disappointed. Merlyn wasn't really good but nothing too bad but Ameer was bad, Ameer is a shitty person no doubt, But i really think he was one of the most the best preforming members on the saturation trilogy, on this album he was actually mostly awful and alright at best, Merlyn wasn't too bad but i expected so much more from him, he was the most unique sounding member of BROCKHAMPTON In my opinion and he didn't deliver that here at all, and he also matches Ameer sometimes with boring ... read more
Sampha - Lahai
Sampha has been one of my favorite artists for the past two years, so when he announced this album i was ecstatic, He definitely didnt disappoint with this, Sampha never fails to make me emotional when i listen to this music and i think my first listen of Lahai made me more emotional than the my first listen of Process, In my opinion, Not a single miss all of the songs are so well produced and just beautiful, Sampha's vocals never fail to amaze me, If i had to summarize Lahai i would say its ... read more


Hi AniAri,

At 400 followers, I wanted to end a series of community lists that I've compiled this year as a trilogy. The last two community lists focused on song lyrics. Currently, I wanted to look more on production for the last one. With that being said, I wanted to ask you an important question: In your opinion, what is the best banger in the universe? I'm hoping by the end of this list, I'll have some great recommendations for more upbeat and hyped tracks from many users on this site.
אני ממש אוהב את איך שמצאתי מלא ישראלים פה היום
אכן עוד ישראלי באתר אגב הטופ חמש אלבומים שלך ממש טוב
סבבה אני אתן לו גם שמיעה בהזמדמנות, תודה על ההמלצה אחי!
כן האמת שהתכוונתי לשמוע אותו,אתה חושב שהוא יותר טוב מללאהאי? ותודה אח
הולי שיט
Didn't fly at night, but I rode the train back home at nigth, and it worked just as well
The list is finally out.
Sorry for keeping you waiting! And thank you for your contrubution!
Hey there, Ani! I am almost at 100 reviews and I thought to myself, what would I review for my 100 review. What do you think? And it doesn't just have to be rock or metal. It can be anything. I will also be doing a community list on the most requested albums. Thank you!
Hey AniAri! Hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to let you know that my band’s debut album, “Empty Homes in Blue Light” is out now on all platforms! I appreciate if you end up giving it a shot, and if not no worries at all :) Here’s the AOTY link if you’re interested:
עוד לא סיימתי את האלבום אבל אני אסיים מבטיח😂, כן מכיר את שאיי הוא ממש סבבה. אגב אתה מכיר את גיאגיא? לא יוצא לי לשמוע אותו יותר מדי אבל בין הראפרים המיוחדים ששמעתי בארץ


If u wanna recommend me an album feel free to write it in the shoutbox (:

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