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Nov 3, 2016
Have you ever had that feeling that left you sick and speechless but wanting so much more? That's how I felt after this album.

Favorite tracks: Screen Shot, Just a Little Boy, A Little God In My Hands, Some Things We Do, Oxygen

Least favorite track(s): Bring the Sun/Toussaint I'ouverture (okay I liked this song equally to the rest, I just can't listen to a single song of this length over and over again, without the rest of the album to go with it.)
Nov 2, 2016
I really fell in love with this album upon first listen. I love how insane and experimental a lot of the tracks are, especially how spastic and sporadic the instrumentals can be. His vocals add so much to the experimental feel, with these uneasy, croaky, shaky vocals (at times) ranging to high pitched vocals to low, demonic growls. I love how different each song is, but they all work so well together. The glitchy pop R&B is very contagious, and there will be a lot of re-listening of this ... read more
Nov 2, 2016
In Utero, oh where to start. Definitely overshadowed by Nevermind, but I feel that this is the better record. Cobain's lyrics are much more personal, much darker, and packed a much larger and more emotional message. Although Nevermind would usually be the first album somebody thinks of whenever Nirvana is mentioned, but In Utero is, in my opinion, one of the most prominent factors in why this band was so great. No other grunge band will ever make an impact on music as much as Nirvana had. ... read more
Nov 2, 2016
This album is nothing that I've ever heard in hip hop. His experimental edge on the beats are euphoric and his lyrics are dark really tell about his drug habits and his demons. It's his most ambitious and banger-filled album to date. Definitely a top of 2016.
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