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clwireg -
Yeah uh... this one is probably the only album by them where my opinion on it has become (although only slightly) more negative over time. Some songs on here like say, TOKYO or SWAMP, which 18-19 year old me found to be among the best in the group's discography, I just don't like that much anymore (still find them good, though). That being said, it still holds up as a whole. JUNKY is still a top 5 BH song. GUMMY and QUEER goes as hard as ever, and I even got the time to appreciate some of the ... read more
clwireg -
When I first got into Brockhampton this was my least fav album by them, but revisiting it three or so years later there’s definitely a lot of stuff I didn’t appreciate as much then as I do now. It’s far from perfect but it still goes hard at times and contains some of the group’s all time best.

Fav track: Heat

Other tracks I loved: Gold, Star, Boys, 2Pac, Swim, Bump, Cash, Milk, Face

Least fav track: Fake
clwireg -
Was one hell of a journey to listen to. Some of the tracks were shit I couldn’t really vibe with, but as a whole? It’s a massive improvement from Ginger, and the best tracks on here are really fucking good (especially the Light ones, which are almost hard to sit through because of the very direct and touching lyrical content). Glad to see the boys back in form.

Fav track: The Light

Other tracks I loved: Buzzcut, Chain On, Windows, When I Ball, Don’t Shoot Up The Party, Dear ... read more
clwireg -
A pleasant surprise

Hadn't heard of this guy before but I found the singles good so decided to give the album a go. It was a very enjoyable listen for the most part, especially early on. Full of cool electronic/acoustic mix instrumentals so if that's what you're into (I am), I'd definitely recommend giving it a listen :)

Fav song: Follies Fixture

Other songs I loved: What A Day, Crowhurst's Meme, Finders Keepers, Far Out, Rookery, Sage That She Was Burning, Metaphysical Cantations, The ... read more
clwireg -
A bit of a mixed bag. It has some moments that are great, some which reminds me of the better tracks on NFR (which I really liked), and Lana is a great songwriter, but a lot of it especially in the middle is a major snooze fest with nothing much to show for and is comprised mainly of kinda boring piano ballads, it’s well made but I would not recommend sitting through the whole thing in one go.

Fav song: For Free

Other songs I liked: White Dress, Yosemite, Dance Til We Die

Least fav: ... read more


Apr 22, 2021
nice reviews, keep it up :3

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