Jul 1, 2020
clwireg -
The first time I listened to this I underrated it a bit but on my third listen it really clicked for me. The instrumentation especially is gorgeous and makes you feel like floating away

Fav song: Alone, Omen 3

Other great songs: Cellular, Stoned Again, Comet Face, Perfecto Miserable, Airport Antenatal Airplane, Theme For The Cross, Underclass, Please Complete Thee

Least fav song: (Don't Let The Dragon) Draag On
Jun 26, 2020
clwireg -
Certainly didn’t expect this to be as good as it was, especially seeing reviews made by others, but as a whole it was a pleasant surprise. Maria has a great voice which fits the spacey synths and drums perfectly.

Fav song: Baby You Have Travelled For Miles Without Love In Your Eyes

Other great songs: Turn, Silence, The Prophet, I Live At Night, Depression Tourist

Least fav song (excluding interludes): Death Engine
Jun 16, 2020
clwireg -
Just what we needed in the climate of today. God bless the musical genius that is Diplo.

Fav song: On Mine

Least fav song: Do Si Do
May 31, 2020
clwireg -
Dunno what to say other than the fact that this sounds fucking cool as shit and y’all should all go and listen to it

Fav song: Gospel for a New Century

Other great songs: Medicine Burn, Kerosene, Dream Palette, Super Stars, Strawberry Privilege

Least fav song: Asteroid Blues
May 31, 2020
clwireg -
Another big disappointment, but not completely unlistenable.

Seeing how good the singles were to this album I expected it’d be atleast a 7.5/10 and perhaps one of the best albums this year, it looked like the 1975 would go a more ”alternative” route on this album than their previous releases, it all depended on the album tracks, and well, it was a mess all over. Some were quality songs, though, it wasn’t all bad.

My biggest issue with the 1975 isn’t their lyrics, ... read more
May 31, 2020
clwireg -
Fav song: On the Floor

Other great songs: Whole Life, Jason, Nothing At All, One More Try, Borrowed Light

Least fav song: Without You
May 3, 2020
clwireg -
(Digital version)
Following up two modern classics is hard. It’s even harder to try to evolve as an artist, if people still (rightfully) praise the songs you wrote when you were younger. This album is a clear example of this.

I don’t seem to know what happened here, exactly. It is by far not a bad record, it’s just... underwhelming. It’s clear that Will sees himself as constantly evolving and wanting to change up sounds but it doesn’t work in his favour at all. ... read more
May 1, 2020
clwireg -
Sounds like nothing else I’ve heard, not even from Animal Collective. It’s hauntingly beautiful, gives off a feeling of nostalgia and comfort, but is simultaneously, in a way, sad. Avey has an amazing voice and makes good use of synths and shit and if there’s one album that shows Panda’s drumming skills it’s this one.

Fav track: Alvin Row

Great tracks: All of them

Least fav (if I must pick one): Some Day I’ll Grow To Be As Tall As The Giant (Everyone ... read more
May 1, 2020
clwireg -
Whilst outdoing Good Kid, m.A.A.d City seemed like a difficult task that seems to be exactly what Kendrick has done here. To Pimp a Butterfly is a dark, eye-opening lyrical masterpiece dealing with Kendrick’s (and a lot of African Americans’ in general) struggles with identity, racism, crime, the economy, and pretty much living in a very much flawed United States as a whole. It’s the kind of album that will be talked about for generations to come.

Fav track: i

Other great ... read more
Apr 25, 2020
clwireg -
So the first one wasn’t too good eh. Well, good that they released a second album the same year, which was...
Well, worse. But not by a lot. It has the same problems the debut had, but a bit more forgettable and bland if anything. Again the covers are the highlight of the record. I can’t see a reason to really return to it, unless you grew up with the album, or simply like this kinda music. I don’t. I’ve heard the one after this is good tho, but we’ll see.

Fav ... read more
Apr 19, 2020
clwireg -
It was good for what it was but not something I think I’ll be revisiting.

No fav and least fav tracks this time, the album isn’t really song based
Apr 17, 2020
clwireg -
I have several questions, most of which reveal around why these guys are famous, why they all sound the same, why the lyrics to each track are so strikingly similar and even so very similar to the guy’s collaborators, whether or not any of them will ever make a song without once referring to the fact that they own a gun etc etc, went in expecting nothing, got nothing, and in the end had 20 minutes of my life wasted for a few cheap laughs (Don’t get me wrong, the dude has a good ... read more
Apr 15, 2020*
clwireg -
I loved this. Apart from the great instrumentation and vocals it's kinda summery and nostalgic, which works extremely well blended with Animal Collective's songwriting and musical style.

Fav track: Did You See The Words

Other great tracks: Grass, The Purple Bottle, Bees, Banshee Beat, Loch Raven, Turn Into Something

Least fav track: Flesh Canoe
Apr 14, 2020*
clwireg -
Kinda disappointing by Beach House standards. It’s not awful, a lot of it is just... meh.

Fav track: Gila

Other great tracks: Astronaut, Home Again

Least fav track: Heart of Chambers
Apr 12, 2020*
clwireg -
Someone keep me up to date. Is this meant to be a joke? I honestly can't tell. It reminds me of the Pink Guy albums in one way or another. It's atrocious, but at times laughably so. A+ for effort

Fav track: gec 2 Ü

Least fav track: gecgecgec
Apr 9, 2020
clwireg -
This did not need to be 17 fucking songs long

Fav track: if I believe you

Least fav track: title track
Apr 4, 2020*
clwireg -
it’s kinda one of those albums only Animal Collective could make. Filled with wonky, experimental, yet beautiful sounds, interesting song structures, and heartwarming vocals. Gets a bit forgettable at times, but, even at their most boring Animal Collective simply isn’t boring at all.

Fav track: In The Flowers

Other great tracks: My Girls, Summertime Clothes, Daily Routine, Bluish, Guys Eyes

Least fav track: Taste
Apr 4, 2020
clwireg -
Time to delve into the discography of the most acclaimed musical act of all time. Were they really as good as people claim them to be?

The debut album doesn’t really give me that impression. Most the songs on it are very forgettable, blandly written, and I assume not much time were spent on them (it should tell you something that my favorite track on this record was a cover song). It has some high points of decent pop rock, but, I assume most the acclaim this album has recieved was ... read more
Mar 22, 2020*
clwireg -
Better than I expected! It gets a bit stale and repetitive at times but overall I quite liked it. It’s like the ”has some happy songs that I’ll keep listening to” type vibe, not more to add than that

Fav track: Wake Up Call

Least fav track: Jacqueline
Mar 19, 2020
clwireg -
sounds like the war on drugs
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