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Gunna - DS4EVER
Jan 7

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IssaRonny -
This is for sure Spitta's magnum opus. Curren$y comes through with some of his best rapping from him and top-tier features, whether it be legendary artists like Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude, or Jet Life artists like Young Roddy and Trademark, mixed with top-tier production from the underrated Ski Beatz (who should be known as more than the guy who produced Dead Presidents, he produced most of Camp Lo's discography including the legendary Uptown Saturday Night, don't sleep!).

I wish I ... read more

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IssaRonny -
This mixtape is great for what it is. Drama hosting and Jimmy sharing the mic with a lot of lesser-known names from his newfound Byrdgang 2.0 and some more known names to give this tape a bit of a power push. There's obviously duds if this thing is gonna be 25 songs long but for a 25 song long mixtape reminiscent of the early 2000s, it came out a LOT better than most would expect. Jimmy's flow continues to be at an all-time high; he's been on a roll since 2018 finally finding his sound.
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IssaRonny -
The beats are incredibly trippy and everyone rides them so well. The mixing is a little eh in parts but it builds on the vibe, atmosphere, and aesthetic they’re going for. Seeing the early roots for the A$AP Mob on this is fire because you can see how most members have evolved from and with this sound. Great mixtape.

Best Songs: Coke & White Bitches Chapter 2, Bath Salt, Underground Killa, Freeze, Jay Reed
Worst Songs: Black Mane, Dope Money Hoes, There It Go
IssaRonny -
Yeah, all of this sounds like After Hours B-Sides but a lot less inspired and without the atmospheric vibe After Hours gives that helps it exceed. The idea of an album being a radio station is also overplayed, and using Quincy Jones to just talk on an interlude rather than get his production which clearly inspired this entire album is a miss but it does make sense considering he's like 90. The point is this feels like an imitation of Abel, taking all the synthpop elements from After Hours but ... read more
IssaRonny -
This album is 🅿️

Whilst the cloud rap aesthetic doesn't hit as hard on here compared to on Wunna, Gunna still makes a fire ass album to kick off the year. Most of the tracklist works as great enjoyable background music but those same songs also go really hard. Thought I Was Playin, Pushin P, and Livin Wild are insane. You & Me could be really good but the beat being as hard as it is mixed with Gunna and Chloe going for a more soft and sexy vocal approach doesn't mesh well and Nechie ... read more
IssaRonny -
I'm not gonna lie, this year was rocky for Spitta. A lot of his albums kinda just faded into the background and I felt he could easily do better. Spitta's known for being mad prolific but maybe dropping 9 different projects in a year can wear someone out !!! At least we got Pilot Talk 4 to come out of his run this year and it definitely is great.

Although this is a hell of a lot shorter than the Pilot Talk trilogy, Ski Beatz and Spitta's chemistry is still all the way on point. They hit the ... read more


Nov 1, 2021
Ok drake dick rider
Apr 23, 2021
I want Luke Bryan to sing to my bussy
Sep 9, 2020
who's Sean Price stan is this


I'm pushin 🅿️

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