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 - The Magic City
This album completely blew me away the first time I listened to it. It's completely disturbing. Then I learned about the context of this album and the history of "The Magic City": Birmingham Alabama. I didn't need the context to understand the emotions presented to me, but once I knew the history that anchors the emotion in the album it instantly became one of my favorite records of all time. This isn't something I'd ever put on casually, or show to a friend; this is an experience I ... read more

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 - Trout Mask Replica
I like that about 70% of the review on this site are either greater than 90 or less than 10. Avant-garde mfs really be listening to the worst, most awful sounds known to mankind, giving it a 10/10, and calling it "challenging".

This album is actually quite meticulously constructed with polyphony and polyrhythms throughout a lot less "free" than a lot of people realize; understanding this is the key to liking this. It's not just some amateurs playing trash, they are playing ... read more

 - Human Music
Found this in my Spotify "Recommended for today" section. "Bruh what is this", I said aloud as I saw the cover and the name of this album. So you KNOW your boy gotta check this out. After listening to it, I found no answer to the question I asked earlier.

This is absolutely bizarre, but good god it is brilliant. Is this even reviewable? Honestly this is right up my alley somehow as a connoisseur of weird shit. I'm not about to forget this anytime soon, certainly. ... read more

 - Strange Celestial Road
A Sun Ra classic, doesn't disappoint. It's a great listen, and one of Sun Ra's most funky works.

By the early 70s, Sun Ra's pallet of sound and afro-futuristic ideas have been fully realized and make a long string of very solid and iconic albums, this one included.

Favourite: Celestial Road, I'll Wait for You
Least favourite: Say

 - Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
This is probably not the most inspired Sun Ra album. It sounds great (if you're into it) but largely it lacks intention and the ideas are somewhat undeveloped. Considering the state of jazz at the time of recording this could be a lot better. The last two songs save this album pretty heavily.

Favourite: Moon Dance, Voice of Space
Least favourite: Tither and Yon, Adventure Equation

 - Once More
Back with his quartet of himself, Bob Berg, Tony Dumas, and Cedar Walton which recorded Billy Higgins' debut record as leader, "Soweto", Billy Higgins presents an album originally recorded in 1980, but not released until 1995. A master of tight and crisp time, Billy provides an unbelievable rhythmic base for this album, which is otherwise nothing super special but a great listen.

I'm mainly in this for Billy, so my focus when listening to this is always on him. He is incredible on ... read more


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Data scientist, jazz saxophonist, trivia lord. I'm making a strong effort recently to break out of the post-bop jazz that I've been almost exclusively listening to for the past couple years to listen to albums in a broad range of styles and broaden my horizons.


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