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Dano -

Well god damn... god damn this was an absolutely brilliant Deathcore album.

Thy Art's 2012 release "Hate" is an absolutely brutal 36 minutes with very heavy chuggy riffs, some amazing drumming, very nice vocals and a fair share of nice solos. There is a reason why this band is technical deathcore and this album proves it. This album proves it well. The album dies stick to the basic deathcore formula but does it in it's own unique way. The added dissonance adds greatly ... read more

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Dano -
Opeth's "Ghost Reveries" is an outstanding piece of music. A piece of art even. Every riff is amazing and insanely well written and work extremely well with the drumming, singing and just everything. Every clean section of this album is done amazingly and this is backed by the amazing clean vocals. Every heavy section is done amazingly and this too is backed up by the extremely good screams and growls. Basically to sum this up, its good.

Best Songs: Ghost of Perdition, Hours of ... read more
Dano -
I absolutely do love this type of guitar playing. All the types of guitar playing in this are amazing. The fast deadnote and harmonic filled New Normal, to the dark and loose trap sounding Nightmare. The peaceful lo-fi guitar of After the Rain to the pesceful harmonics if Midnight Galaxy. There's a ton of emotion and a ton of feeling put into this EP and it's truly a great first EP from perhaps one of the most underrated guitarists of today. Brilliant EP.

All of this in just over 10 minutes of ... read more
Dano -
"i think you think to much of me" is a great EP from Eden. This EP shows off a very nice mix or edm, rock and indie and shows off Eden's beautiful voice. There is a lot of emotion put behind each track and seems like a descent into heartbreak and this is truly shown on the track "XO". The guitarwork is simple yet very well done and the electronic parts seem very much in a certain style and I very much like that.

Best Songs: drugs, rock + roll, XO
Dano -
What it must've been to be at Spike Island in 1990. Brilliant album, fun and important to Manchester's and even British culture. Guitar work is amazing, vocals are peaceful and fun and the bass parts where done well.

Best Songs: I Wanna Be Adored, Shoot You Down, I Am The Ressurection
Dano -
BMTH's 2020 release is a heavy experience that shows a new stage in the band's career. Being the heaviest yet also the lightest they've ever been. The riffs being heavy and vocals being intense in a few songs yet in the same song w more electronic and lo-fi effects on the guitar. Drumming was what you'd expect from the band but the opening track was a nice surprise for the drumming. Overall this album is a great progression in Bring Me's career. Too bad that 4/9 of the songs where released as ... read more
Jan 9, 2021
What is an album you like from an artist you don't like (for a list)
Oct 25, 2020
In your opinion who is the most overrated artist? (For a list)
Jun 22, 2020
A user on here who makes music
Jun 21, 2020
What’s your favorite aoty artist? (For a list)
Jun 8, 2020
added your pick, thnk u :)
Jun 7, 2020
in your opinion what is the most overrated album of all time
May 4, 2020
Only their song Forever, but I've been wanting to check out their albums for a while now.
Apr 20, 2020
Yo, you may not know who I am but I just put out my first project of 3 I'm releasing this year. I tried 8 different styles and really tried to keep the whole thing engaging throughout, it has mainly elements of hiphop and you'll see me try my best to follow in the steps of new artists like Slowthai and Joey Bada$$. I got it properly mixed and mastered and I hope I can win you over with at least one track. Give it a try and review it, I would love and appreciate some feedback. All love <3
-Sol (Soundcloud) (Spotify) (Apple Music) (Youtube)
Apr 10, 2020
Haven’t actually gotten through the Behemoth discography yet but I doubt it’d beat The Satanist for me
Apr 9, 2020
Whats an album that can make you CRY (Its for a list)
music is cool i guess
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