AOTY 2023
PinkPantheress - Heaven knows
PinkPantheress has a talent for making some of the prettiest music I've heard in a while.
Tinashe - BB/ANG3L
Tinashe is one of the finest examples of how much more creative and interesting an artist can be without being tied to a major label.
MIKE - Burning Desire
MIKE really focused on creating a cinematic album and it works wonders here. Nearly every beat on this is outstanding with a dreamlike quality to them and MIKE as well as every feature on here delivers. I am chronically addicted to this album and I haven’t gotten this feeling since “Veeze - Ganger” so yea top 2 of this year. I am now ready to say MIKE is a top 5 rapper and producer of the last 5 years. If you still don’t agree then I feel sorry for you cause this man is ... read more
Ken Carson - A Great Chaos
Great album. I can tell Ken took the criticisms from X and improved significantly. He’s finding better pockets, his melodies are starting to stand out more and he’s also picking more interesting beats. I can’t wait to see what he does next.
Tirzah - trip9love...???
I should check out more of Tirzah’s music her melodies and drums on this are mad addicting.
bar italia - Tracey Denim
Damn Bar Italia knows how to make some groovy rock music fr.
Drake - For All The Dogs
I want to get this out of the way Drake is my favorite artist of all time, I’ve been listening to him for more than half my life. Drake has basically created the Toronto sound with 40 and despite how much hate he would get for being soft and getting in his feelings over a girl he still stuck true to his sound and he would be passionate about what he’s saying. I also think another aspect of him that makes him my favorite is that he’s quite versatile, I think he’s a great ... read more
yeule - softscars
This is some of the most euphoric production I’ve heard all year. I’ve seen some people criticize Yeule’s lyrics as being amateur and childish but I disagree I think it actually works in the context of the album. Yeule brings a mix of electronic and shoegaze which, like the best electronic and shoegaze albums out there, gives me a strong feeling of nostalgia almost like they’re revisiting their past whether it’s trauma from relationships or struggles growing up. ... read more
Drake - Slime You Out
Now this is the quality I expect from drake also a great feature from SZA.
lostrushi - SISTERHOOD
Lostrushi is out here making music in 2040 and 2000 at the same time, this album is incredible.
Duwap Kaine - You Influenced Me
Duwap came thru with some heavenly bangers on this one.
Travis Scott - UTOPIA
Travis improved his rapping but this doesn’t have its own identity. It’s all over the place and at this point he’s imitating what Kanye did on yeezus (peep circus maximus). Features were mostly good however carti is the absolute standout if that’s the voice he’s using on his next album that makes me very happy.
454 & SURF GANG - Fast 5
454 & Surf Gang are the perfect match for each other, easily EP of the year.
Babyface Ray - Summer's Mine
Solid Babyface release, he's easily one of the most consistent rappers of the last 3-4 years. Also, shout out Los and Nutty, we need more features from them they're special.
A$AP Rocky - RIOT (Rowdy Pipe'n)
Very annoying, if Rocky thought this was good enough to drop after 6 months then maybe it’s time to just focus on being a good husband and father.
Young Thug - Beautiful Thugger Girls
Thug being in love :)
LUCKI - s*x m*ney dr*gs
Makes me happy to see Lucki releasing 15 instead of 20+ songs. Beats on this are real nice but this album is inconsistent cause of Lucki. Lucki needs to be more consistent at riding these beats with more memorable lines cause sometimes his newer style works against that.
Earl Sweatshirt - Making The Band (Danity Kane)
I need an Evilgaine and Earl collab album immediately
Lil Uzi Vert - Pink Tape
I mean there are some gems on this album but this is way too long and some of these songs really do not need to be 4+ minutes. I appreciate him trying some new styles on here but they don't all come together too well it just feels messy.
Sampha - Spirit 2.0
Sampha I missed you so much thank you for coming back and reminding people that you are one of the best artists ever.
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On Travis Scott - UTOPIA
"@Neropeloso also I’m glad you enjoy my reviews that means a lot"
On Travis Scott - UTOPIA
"@Neropeloso I listened to it again I think he can do better honestly Ik Travis has been Kanye’s prodigy for the longest and I’m not against trying the things that worked for Ye back in the day but he really doesn’t have the personality to pull that off it feels forced honestly. I definitely do not want him going back to some old sound that worked for him 8 years ago I still want him to evolve just not to the point where it’s obvious who he’s being influenced by."
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On Certified Trapper - Trapper of the Year
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On Dlaz2005's review of Lucki & F1LTHY - WAKE UP LUCKI
"Glad to see he finally clicked with you, you should give his other albums a chance again"
On Payroll Giovanni - Ghost Mode
"@AZIZ It’s all good dawg, I remember the shazthepharaoh days lol"
On Payroll Giovanni - Ghost Mode
"@AZIZ Yo I forgot to say but you’re a top 3 user on this site"
On Payroll Giovanni - Ghost Mode
"Uber drivers goated tho"
On LilBIsGod's review of Young Buck - Straight Outta Cashville
"Lloyd banks was my favorite from G unit his mixtapes from the 2000s were special"
On Remi's Reviews's review of Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You
"@RemisReviews I respect your review idk who humm1ng_b1rd is but they sound insufferable, it's really not that serious to get that mad over someone's opinion"
On Dean Blunt - Give me a moment
"@TurbulenceSSB Thank you"
On 山岡晃 [Akira Yamaoka] - Silent Hill 2
"@UltimateLifeFern Fr this game, Metal gear solid and god of war were peak for me"
On Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
"@rionbj It's cool that yachty has a big enough platform to try something like this but it doesn't work. You quite literally did not read what I said because what made him popular was the first lil boat and I was using a tape he put out in 2020 which actually helped diversify himself as a rapper."
On Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
"@JURI I mean I can't speak to every pop artist but yachty has continuously been hated since 2016, everyone thought he was a joke and he came out and said this album was supposed to make people take him seriously as an artist. That's what annoys me he doesn't need to abandon genres for people to take him seriously he's already established himself in the Rap genre, and there's obviously room to grow within that genre."
On Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
"@rionbj People like you that assume rap fans have basic taste are the most obnoxious people on the planet and you're proving my point."
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On IssaRonny's review of Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
"@IssaRonny You spoke nothing but facts."
On Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
"Some tracks do absolutely nothing for me while others are bad. It’s that simple really."
On nnxsgny's review of AJR - World's Smallest Violin
"Coming back to this it actually blows my mind people willingly listen to this, it sounds like a cesspool for theatre kids who got together to make a parody song on youtube in 2011"
On Naked Flames - Miracle in Transit
"I am also finding out that Naked Flames is 22....this guy will make it far in life if he keeps this up."
"Same in a way I see it as a good thing cause more people now will start to check out the other projects that really made him a great artist"

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