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dodeca -
I'm not going to touch the EP itself, but rather the final track "Bakamitai".

Bakamitai is one of the most soul crushing and emotional songs I've listened to in a long while. It's like a cold, stiff drink of Jack Daniels hitting you like a speeding train. Enveloping you in a torrent of perpetual depression that reminds you of the love that once was. Knowing that it will never happen again, you still drown yourself in a pool of whisky... But no matter how hard you try to forget, your ... read more
dodeca -
Hello. It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a review on this account. This is going to be a bit of a shorter one because I have two other reviews cooking at the moment. At least shorter than my typical reviews.

Machine Girl’s WLFGRL is an incredibly fun and high energy album that genuinely feels immersive to sit through. It feels like an old 1980s slasher film but the setting takes place in a grimey, dystopian version of Tokyo. And instead of following the victims, we ... read more
dodeca -
Throughout my time browsing the internet, I tend to stumble upon random albums from yesteryear that are (historically) obscure. Although at this point in time the album is becoming more well known in the musical sphere due to YouTube's algorithm recommending uploads of this, I only discovered this album while browsing's back catalog of Jazz Fusion albums. It was one of the few albums that caught my eye with the album cover alone. And I'm genuinely glad that I took the time to listen ... read more
dodeca -
Filth is one of the most dirtiest and roughest debut albums I’ve ever heard from any band. At least in terms of its overall sound. With an album cover that’s pretty iconic in a strange way, I can’t help but to gush about this album. The album is the embodiment of a filthy and grimy drug that can only be found in the back of New York’s dirtiest alleyways. It’s the type of drug that’ll throw your mind into a rage-inducing and adrenaline pumping trip. And for me ... read more
dodeca -
A little side note before the main chunk of the review: I'm gonna be reviewing all albums and EP's by Swans for the rest of this week and next week. Though unlike my Merzbow binge, I won't be making a review every day. Instead I'll try to make it every 2-3 days just so I don't get burned out writing reviews. I hope this is understandable, because a lot of my reviews tend to be a lot longer than your typical review.

The self-titled EP for Swans is quite an interesting project to say the least. ... read more
May 6, 2020
In-depth and serious reviews made by notanalt. Apologies to Rob for killing the character limit.
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