straight outta sadness country, youknowwhatimean?
Баста - 40
Nov 25

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funklildim -
Not gonna rate it lower than 99.999 till the information comes in
upd: damn.. I need to change my rate. this album is so weak, I was really looking forward to it and was ready to love it (still a fan of his mixtapes), but I am very upset with this material and of course also these cruel details from his personal life. Octavian's career is now really in jeopardy, no doubt about it. I was not going to defend him, only for a certain time I was in the dark and found out the reliability of the data. ... read more
funklildim -
Probably the story behind this album is more interesting than this work, lol. Still, this is one of the most confident release of 12vy, there are really impressive moments here, but it is still too monotonous and "ordinary" at times.
funklildim -
Another release on the topic of politics and social struggle, to which we have already got used to this year. This time the well-known legend, Common, decided to speak out. It turned out convincingly, but not to the extent that we all would like. Some compositions are insecure in structure, some with practically no progress in sound. In short, not as good as we would like, but not as bad as it could be.
Song with Lenny Kravitz on guitar is good af. If everyone else was like that.
funklildim -
Honestly, at first I was sure that the album would be a failure, when I heard the single and saw the overall design of the album - in result, everything turned out to be not bad. Yes, it's still the same TYO, but with a slightly updated sound. Here are some very typical tracks with boring sound, and quite original, with "high-tech" vibrations. And there are guests who did not fit into the atmosphere like Chance/Wiz and the pleasantly surprised like J Balvin and Chynna (rest in ... read more
funklildim -
Well, $NOT is really one of the most pleasant discoveries for me in trap music for 2020. It has its own vibrations, moods and fresh ideas. Being a fan of his debut mixtape I was sure I would love this release too. This is what happened - everything is the same moderately original, memorable, and enjoyable.
Definitely he still lacks professionalism and selectivity in beats, because some of the tracks from here are really faded. As a result, the whole album definitely sounds solid and does not ... read more
Oct 27, 2020
thanks for the follow!
Oct 15, 2020
Feelin the best one can in these times, hope all is well on your end. Peace peace
Oct 13, 2020
well, I started to listen the music of countries around the world (Russia is one of them of course), I don't understand a word but I'm trying to learn a little bit of Russian (same way with K-Pop listeners). Also, most of the Russian music I listen to is electronic, which is unnecessary to understand a word ...

I discover russian music throughout the playlist on spotify, at I also have a friend studying abroad in Russia, who helped me a lot in finding new music.

While I don't understand but I think Russian is one of the most interesting languages to learn, Russian is the place I want to go to study.

nice day ❤❤❤
Oct 7, 2020
Thanks for reminding me, To explain why I add the English version of Russian artists because my keyboard does not have Russian, secondly, there are many Russian artists on this website which have English version (but not I added ), and oops it got me confused. I think AOTY should have a regulation on naming international artists in latin or non-latin format. after all, I'm really sorry about the problem, thanks for reading. ❤❤❤
Oct 1, 2020
Привет, только увидел сообщение. Охотно присоединюсь
Sep 29, 2020
если будем обсуждать что лучше хошхоног или любимые песни то я зайду
Sep 28, 2020
Хей! С радостью присоединюсь :)
Jul 25, 2020
Да все нормалды. Прослушал все, что хотел, теперь я перешёл на книжки и на поставленную самим собой цель - прослушать полную дискографию BONES (800 треков в сумме плюс минус, лучшим из которых я записываю в плейлист lmao). Сам как? Как русское AOTY процветает?
Jul 1, 2020
Привет, да давай :)
Jun 17, 2020
увидел твоё сообщение только сейчас:]
добавляй @e_zhura
hey yo! privet from grustnaya motha rashka
i'ma dancer, music fanatic and DJ in the future
you can follow my activity here or in my IG
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