AOTY 2023
Well Uncut were right because those vocals really aren’t it. Generally the writing is kinda bland too and the production is really unbalanced, if not washed out most of the time. There were moments where everything did come together and I could see this album’s full potential, but it’s a shame that the best song on here is the one with some really questionable lyrics.
Architects - Seeing Red
This is an interesting one, almost necessary with some of the truly awful comments and treatment the band have been receiving. It’s nice to see Sam properly addressing it & feels like a song really written from the heart.
The song itself isn’t too special and is written like a regular modern metalcore song. It’s a shame that the chorus isn’t that great but overall it’s a decent song. Seems the next album cycle may be a little on the heavier side, it’s ... read more
Maruja - Knocknarea
Thunder, feel the thunder (bang bang bang) Lightning then the thunder
This is the sonic equivalent to a bowl of comfort food. It’s so welcoming and pleasant to listen to and just makes you feel at home, a really good background listen but even holds up in the foreground too. Sure the mixing could be improved but overall it’s a very solid LP which mixes my old & new tastes very well.
Sufjan Stevens - Javelin
I'm sorry, I really am. But I just can't get into it.

I truly tried with this album after I didn't really like it on first listen. Truth be told, I've not loved much of what I've heard from Sufjan's older work either albeit the exposure I've had hasn't been that extensive. I thought that maybe this was my chance to become a fan but I didn't like it at first, or at second and then 4 or 5 listens in and I know that I just don't love it all that much.

I did want to like this and I tried giving ... read more

Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS
Mostly a hit for me, Olivia is super charasmatic too.

Favourite Tracks: Ballad Of A Homeschool Girl, Love Is Embarrassing, Teenage Dream
Least Favourite Tracks: Logical, Get Him Back, Pretty Isn’t Pretty

AJR - The Maybe Man
There’s plenty of big ideas on display on The Maybe Man, perhaps too many for AJR to round them all off well enough. This album definitely had its good parts & some sweet moments here and there but I can’t care for some of the childish rhythms & melodies along with the general execution of much of this record, whether it be the production or performances. Definitely not the worst thing I’ve heard this year though.
Favourite Tracks: Turning Out Pt iii, 2085
Least ... read more
Kevin Abstract - Blanket
Okay, bare with me. This was meant to be just another album to review, but I ended up with many thoughts & feel strongly compelled to explain them all in a silly little review so this may be a long one...

I have never heard of Kevin Abstract before, but I wasn't particularly excited for any drops this week so I decided to check out that album with the weird cover at the top of the AOTY page. I now know that Kevin is a rapper, part of the now broken up Brockhampton. Hip-Hop is a genre which ... read more

Spiritbox - The Fear of Fear
I can’t lie by saying that my hope for this band depleted after hearing Rotoscope, but this EP is wickedly consistent & enjoyable and very much restores my faith in Spiritbox
Silent Planet - SUPERBLOOM
An overall slightly above average album, oh and :signal: because what a god damn banger
Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version)
The obvious biggest flaw with this version is the change in production which certainly makes this a step below the original, making some songs such as Out Of The Woods & I Wish You Would significantly worse, subtracting the pop & hard hitting parts they used to have. But even more than that, I find Taylor’s performances to have less flare & pop to them such as in Wonderland or Wildest Dreams. This is made even more annoying when it’s proven that the production can help ... read more
Beartooth - The Surface
Caleb is just one step away from pulling off some Danny Worsnop ass solo project
Bring Me the Horizon - DArkSide
Solid but I’m not blown away or anything
Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
I had to make my 100th review a good one…
For Emma, Forever Ago is such a brilliant listen. Vernon really pours his heart and soul into every passage of this LP and you can really feel the emotion he felt when writing, sealed away & isolated in his cabin. It’s so warm & genuine and not a single track on here misses, the epitome of this is the chorus of Skinny Love where the pain and frustration in Vernon’s voice is absolutely palpable with many other moments reaching ... read more
Kim Dracula - A Gradual Decline In Morale
The ideas on this thing are off the bloody walls and it simply does its best to surprise you at every turn, almost to the point where a simplistic, well written song would be the best surprise this album could hope to offer.
It's a damn mess and truly awful in every single sense of the world with some of the most bizarre musical decisions I've ever heard & a complete lack of anything resembling a well crafted song. Yet at the same time, that seems to be the point & despite how much I ... read more
Thornhill - Viper Room
It's a Heroine song minus anything that made Heroine good.
Loathe - I Let It in and It Took Everything
Simultaneously ethereal & heavy, Loathe certainly wear their influences on their sleeves in this LP but execute the ideas so well that it becomes their very own sound. Loathe pull off both soothing melodies & destructive riffs to a tee here whether separated (Broken Vision Rhythm, Is It Really You) or together (Aggressive Evolution) and it all flows so perfectly.
My only complaints come from the small flaws I personally see in some of these songs, whether it be Two Way Mirror lasting a ... read more
The Devil Wears Prada - Color Decay
Didn't enjoy this nearly as much upon revisiting. Mike's vocals have really shrunk on me & I was never much of a fan to begin with. The writing is generally very generic to which the performances detriment even more. There are a few great choruses carrying this album along though & I can never complain about a decent breakdown, of which there are plenty. Just a generally generic metalcore album whose personal flairs can be grating to the ears.
Favourite Tracks: Exhibition, Salt, ... read more
Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want
An immaculately terrifying listen which really makes you feel part of the whole experience opposed to just a listener. There are a few spots where I think ideas get repeated for too long which may tamper my enjoyment along the way, however as an entire album, this thing will sky rocket your anxiety for the best part of 50 minutes.
Favourite Tracks: The Lord’s Song, Ocean Song, Guest House
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