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Nov 16, 2019
A collection of five catchy pop songs which people who listen to the radio often will like very much, BENEE puts a twist on the generic pop sound by creating her own style.
Nov 16, 2019
It has been a while since I reviewed ANYTHING and I felt like this album is one of those albums deserving of more reviews. I've been put on this album by @Dokrrz and I think many people of music twitter will recognize that name.

This record just exudes their drive to succeed, it just feels so airtight, all the while there's so much direct energy to gain when listening to this record. There's nothing groundbreaking about this record and it sounds like they've found their sound with their album ... read more
Oct 27, 2019*
Edit: changed rating from 88 to 82 (review still applies though)

It is now 7:30 in the morning as I am writing this review and the album just clicked with me, I love this project. I’m guessing this is an unpopular opinion as the user score now sits at 63, but I love the vocals, I love the production, I love the message he’s going for (I am atheist though so even though I don’t agree I still appreciate it).

On God’s lyrics weirded me out a bit, especially the part in ... read more
Oct 24, 2019
Actually pretty decent single, I loved the flow of the track as there was never a dull point in the delivery. What I didn’t like about the delivery though was that I often couldn’t hear what he was saying and the instrumental didn’t have a lot of variation to it so it was kind of bland, other than that I liked it.
Oct 22, 2019
I actually really enjoyed this track contrary to other people on this site and I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I thought melody-wise this track sounded great and the guitar felt real and lively. Of course the track sounds unfinished, especially on the lyrical front, but that’s with every track that X is going to release posthumously. The basics are there though and they’re executed really well.
Nov 16, 2019
You may be very busy right now. But if you have time, I advise you to listen to MAVI's debut album. He is a very interesting rapper quite close to Earl Sweatshirt.... I think you'll like it!
Nov 11, 2019
Blonde is such a great piece of music! And looking at your other 100's i think you have a great taste in music.
Nov 10, 2019
Hey, i wanted to ask you which one of your 100 do you enjoy the most?
Nov 3, 2019
Supp! I'm doing a challenge at the moment, the "out of my comfort-zone challenge". This is a challenge where I need to listen projects, I normally wouldn't listen too. After some listen I need to state my opinions in a review. If you would suggest an album to me, it would be great! As long as they aren't metal, hip hop or rap! (experimental/abstract hip hop, weird rap is allowed though)
Oct 24, 2019
and I thank you for it!
Oct 13, 2019
I highly recommend Hidding Places (You will certainly like songs such as Houthi, A Day In A Week In A Year, Spongebob or Checkpoints). The production of this album is great. Otherwise, I recommend you all Armand Hammer's work, it's the duo between ELUCID and billy woods, It's even better than woods solo career (especially the album Paraffin)
Oct 13, 2019
Think of one album/ep/mixtape you REALLLLY want me to listen to. And I will listen to it in full (Unless it's super long but like SUUUPER long like i'm not listening to a 2 hour album lol)

(might've accidentally shouted in some single accounts)
Oct 10, 2019
What is the worst album of all time? (for a list)
Oct 6, 2019
Important question. Cat or Dog? This is a very important question.
*I suck at writing reviews*

I really love listening to music and honestly it’s mostly hiphop until now, but I mean the rest of this account shows me trying out new genres and rating the albums. I guess this account shows my attempts to delve into other sorts of music. If I had to say so myself, I’d say those attempts are succeeding pretty well.

My average rating is around 6.8 so I guess overall I'm pretty positive about music.
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