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Mar 22, 2020
Two incredible mainstream releases in one week? The world’s eating good today😎😎
Mar 20, 2020*
The Weeknd does it again, after his incredibly succesful commercial album Starboy, he brings his fans yet another great album. There’s not one dull track on here. There’s so much good to say about this project: Scared To Live is a beautifully sung pop ballad about The Weeknd screwing it up with a girl, but telling her that she should go on and trust in the thing that is love. Hardest To Love is one of my favorite tracks on here, I am getting more into DnB lately; artists like Grafix ... read more
Mar 18, 2020*
It's a fun album, it just feels like a lot of ideas that haven't been fleshed out at all, I had a similar problem with Tierra Whack's 2018 album "Whack World", I mean the songs are nice and have fun ideas, they're just too short to be actually enjoyed fully. Just like donovan_j32 I think that Kota has to put more effort in his music and be more ambitious overall to really blow up and impress the big crowds.
Mar 18, 2020
This album is incredible and deserves a higher overall rating in my opinion. You can definitely tell Don Toliver is influenced by Travis Scott's music, but he has made it into a style that is completely unique to himself (and the fact that he has a very unique voice helps a lot). He has a different flow, he's able to do so much more with his voice than Travis when it comes to high notes and singing overall. Every track up until Spaceship is a complete banger and I'll be playing those songs for ... read more
Mar 14, 2020
This is an album I have been streaming so much lately, I’m really getting into different music more while I’m here enjoying my time as a student. It’s such a different life and I’m really enjoying it so far, what this does mean is that I have a little less time on my hands to listen to music.

This album resonates with me on so many levels, it’s incredible. I don’t even know where to start.. is it the incredibly beautiful and lively instrumentals? Is it the ... read more
Mar 24, 2020
Hey, I have a song out! When you have the chance to, give it a listen. Haven't added it to AOTY yet, so here the YouTube music video link:

I wrote this song and filmed the video while in quarantine. Took many inspirations from Chinese folk and alt-country. The concept of the video and song, I'll leave as a surprise (no spoilers of course), plus it's up to interpretation. Hope I can cheer some people up and get everyone together in these uncertain times, enjoy!
Mar 22, 2020
Yes, it's terrible in France, you can't go out anymore. And yes, there's been a shortage of toilet paper. I just hope this coronavirus thing is over by the time of Tyler The Creator's concert. There's only one date and I was really looking forward to that show. Otherwise, I promise you that tomorrow I'll listen to the Billy Joel's album, he sounds really cool and then, anyway, I have the time.
Mar 21, 2020
Thank you very much Kuru, that's very kind of you. Just know that I will never work for Pitchfork, some of their reviews are just jokes and they don't like Brockhampton. I hope everything is going well for you in the Netherlands with the coronavirus situation and all that... are you confined to your home?
Mar 14, 2020
if you had to choose a live performance of a song that's better than the original studio recording, what would it be? it can either be something youve experienced yourself or something from an official live album (cough cough its for a list)
Jan 19, 2020
make a review about me
Jan 1, 2020
Nice and Happy New Year!
Dec 22, 2019
How is your day? (It's for a list)
Dec 10, 2019
I'm really happy for you! Denzel Curry concerts look great, I'd think about taking my seats next time. Going to concerts is really the best experience you can have with music so whenever you have the opportunity, you have to go.

My last rap concert was Travis Scott during his Astroworld Tour in Paris in 2018. It was so energetic and the atmosphere was absolutely awesome. I'll remember it all my life. Otherwise, I have already taken my tickets to see Nick Cave in 2020, the atmosphere will be totally different but I am really looking forward to it.

It doesn't matter if you are less present on the site, enjoy your life and just give me some news from time to time...
Nov 17, 2019
I was sure you'd like Mavi... I think we'll hear from him in the 2020's. Otherwise, I would like you to share your opinion on Skeleton Tree if you have the time, Nick Cave is one of my favorite artists and I love this album...
Nov 16, 2019
You may be very busy right now. But if you have time, I advise you to listen to MAVI's debut album. He is a very interesting rapper quite close to Earl Sweatshirt.... I think you'll like it!
*I suck at writing reviews*

I really love listening to music and honestly it’s mostly hiphop until now, but I mean the rest of this account shows me trying out new genres and rating the albums. I guess this account shows my attempts to delve into other sorts of music. If I had to say so myself, I’d say those attempts are succeeding pretty well.

My average rating is around 6.8 so I guess overall I'm pretty positive about music.
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