AOTY 2020
Justin Bieber - Changes
Sep 21, 2020
Discography Diaries #6: NOT GOODS
Album #32: Changes by Justin Bieber
Genre: R&B
Date: 21/09/2020
Time: 12:40 PM

Next up in the list of NOT GOODS we have the latest album from Justin Bieber, Changes. Now do I really need to give an introduction into who Justin Bieber is at this stage?, the guy was one of the biggest child stars in recent memory and has maintained his relevancy in the music world for years now. His latest album here Changes is something that I've heard already earlier on this year and since I last heard this album it was in my bottom 5 for 2020, so listening to this again is something I've been dreading doing, hopefully it wouldn't be as painful of a listen as it was last time, but after listening to it all I can really say is that it's way worse than I remember it being.

Justin on Changes essentially makes what I consider The Big Day 2, but a bit more listenable, less variety and I love my wife lyrics except they're more sexually aggressive. There's one line that Justin said on here basically sums up his musical identity, that being "Though I'm going through changes, Don't mean that I changed", he's essentially been making the same music about the same things except he's gotten older, like Changes would essentially be a Rated R version of My World 2.0 at this stage except it's modernised to follow the trends. The trends that we see Justin follow on this album are the sounds of this trap inspired contemporary R&B that gets monotonous after about 3 tracks, now this style of music has never clicked with me ever, every album from this style I've heard up to this point has been extremely bland, very basic, very boring and very average, Changes embodies all of these things but Justin adds in his own spice to make it even more unlistenable. The production on this album is dreadfully boring, most of the instrumentals on here are comprised of these trap beats that sound incredibly basic and boring, some of the mixing on these instrumentals leave a lot to be desired and they just all blend in together and sound samey, there's also more guitar based instrumentals on this album too which are a break from the bland trap beats but the guitar instrumentals are so bare and so uninteresting that they're completely forgettable. Justin's singing and his lyrics make this a grating experience also, granted Justin isn't a horrible singer but his falsettos are so shit that they give me a migraine, the lyrical content essentially ranges from I love my wife type shit to controlling relationship cringe and he does not spare you on the details sometimes. Can we also mention how bad some of these choruses and features are? Like the hooks for tracks like Yummy, Take It Out On Me, Come Around Me and Available are migraine fuel they're that bad, it's like he doesn't even get feedback in the studio from anybody so he just rolls with the shit takes he made, and the features range from being very mediocre to awful, Quavo, Kehlani and Post Malone are the better features on the but they rarely do much to keep my interest, but the bad ones are inexcusably bad, Travis Scotts ramblings on Second Emotion are just stupid, unwanted, completely ruins the song and shows that Travis Scott is a contender for the worst feature artist in recent memory, Clever on Forever because his vocals are overdramatic, awful and grating and Lil Dicky on Running Over because it's Lil Dicky (his verse is also convincing me he's a nonce), honestly Ski Mask the Slump God's verse should've been there instead. So yeah, this was way worse than I remember it being, I know at this stage it's very cliché to hate on Justin Bieber but this project isn't doing Justin many favours in swaying me and it's a shame because Purpose was actually a pretty decent album and Justin can make decent music when he puts in the effort.

So yeah.... this Justin Bieber album...... is NOT GOOD

Best Track: All Around Me

Worst Tracks: Second Emotion, Yummy, Forever, Running Over and Come Around Me
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