Courting - Guitar Music
Another great quirky UK Post-Punk album???? No way!!!!!!!!!

Courting are a band that I only discovered a few months ago with some of the teaser tracks they've released for their newest album, all of which I heard and all of which were simply bangers. You could say I was very hyped to hear what they had to offer on their debut 'Guitar Music', I didn't want to get myself too hyped since I wasn't looking to be disappointed but after giving it a listen I was not disappointed in the slightest ... read more

Revocation - Netherheaven
'Netherheaven' is yet another fantastic Metal release from this year, it doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel within its sound but as long as it's bringing home the tunes I will be ecstatic, and it most certainly brings home the tunes. Revocation bridge Tech Death and Tech Thrash across this album and do it with style and great songwriting, the production is clean yet muscular and brutal, there's plenty of fantastic vocal performances from David Davidson and every instrumental aspect on this ... read more
Yeat - Lyfë
Personally, I'm not really that into Rage rap, it just mirrors the same issues that Trap has where artists within that realm don't stand out and just settle for sounding like their better contemporaries, in this case a lot of Rage artists like Ken Carson or Destroy Lonely are just carbon copies of Carti with little to no personality or much interesting to make note of outside of some moments of production, but to my surprise Yeat is actually somewhat of a distinct artist in the Rage scene and ... read more
Megadeth - The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!
Not too shabby Dave... not too shabby at all. 'The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!' is no different from any other pure Thrash Megadeth album, it doesn't add much that's new for Dave Mustaine and co. but I won't lie, a fair amount of tracks on it slap and the band show they can still make some Thrash Metal bangers. The production can be a little too clean on a few tracks and Dave Mustaine's vocals can be an... acquired taste to say the least but honestly what the band does well on this ... read more
Sigh - Shiki
The Japanese Black Metal and Prog Metal band Sigh were a band that before this I had never heard of before, but after hearing their latest album 'Shiki' I may need to give some of their other albums a shot because HOLY FUCK THIS WAS GREAT. In a lot of ways the sonic approach that Sigh take to Black Metal and Prog on this album is fairly straight-forward in presentation but as it goes on the band hit you with hints of extra instrumentation, unpredictable yet eclectic additions both familiar and ... read more
JID - The Forever Story
J.I.D's highly anticipated 3rd album 'The Forever Story' finally came out 4 years after his last album, and while the wait was very long for me it was very much worth it since 'The Forever Story' might just be the best album J.I.D has made yet. To me this feels like J.I.D at his most complete artistically, he's still the same J.I.D with the insane dynamic flow that we love but as a performer he only further takes what he can do to next level by allowing himself to get even more dynamic with his ... read more
Muse - Will of the People
I want to overthrow the government and the capitalist machine too Muse, all in the hopes that you can stop dropping shitty music. I honestly expected 'Will of the People' to be Muse's worst album before going into it since most of the singles were awful, but it's spared that title since 'The 2nd Law' still exists and 'Will of the People' is in the really bad that it's funny lane. Benign and vague political lyrics aside this album is hilarious musically, there's barely any progression from the ... read more
Panic! at the Disco - Viva Las Vengeance
Some may say this album deserves the hate, some may say it's overhated, I say that I want to beat the ever-living shit out of Brendon Urie.
Devin Townsend - Terria
The Devin Townsend Binge (1/4) - The Early Era (7/7)

We're finishing off the early era of the Devin Townsend binge at last, I probably would've been onto the second batch of albums by now if I wasn't such a lazy shit but it's whatever, we're finishing up and I'm ready to delve into 'Terria'. So previously Devin basically made an album that bridges SYL with his more prog centred works and while it wasn't that new or inventive for Devin I still very much enjoyed it, and moving onto the next ... read more

Devin Townsend - Physicist
The Devin Townsend Binge (1/4) - The Early Era (6/7)

Funny receding hairline prog man (in the year 2000) binge continues and we move onto another project just under Devin Townsend, one of the least essential records in his catalogue supposedly but a release I was willing to listen to anyway, that being 'Physicist'. Last time around I checked out the album 'Infinity' which was a wacky yet enjoyable album even if it was bogged down by some of the mixing choices, that might be a bit of a hot take ... read more

Devin Townsend - Infinity
The Devin Townsend Binge (1/4) - The Early Era (5/7)

So after hearing what is my favourite album in the Devin Townsend binge we move onto the next album, another album that's considered essential amongst Devin Townsend enthusiasts entitled 'Infinity'. Now the last few albums in the binge have each had a lot of drastic changes sonically, for better or for worse but one thing remained distinct to Devin Townsend for 3 out of 4 of them, that being the heavy wall of sound inspired production which ... read more

Devin Townsend - Ocean Machine
The Devin Townsend Binge (1/4) - The Early Era (4/7)

Well this took way longer than expected. I don't know why I didn't give this a listen sooner but it's whatever, I'm back on the grind and I'm ready to push on with the Devin Townsend binge, which continues with an album originally under the name Biomech entitled 'Ocean Machine'. This is seen as one of the best projects that Devin Townsend ever made in his long career, and it's an album that I was really anticipating my first listen of so I ... read more

The Game - Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind
The Black Slim Shady makes Rap Devil sound like The Story of Adidon.

Putting the pathetic Eminem diss track and cringeworthy bars aside, 'Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind' serves no purpose as an album and it's an absolute slog to sit through. There's absolutely zero reason for this to be nearly 2 hours long or have 30 tracks to its name, it's far too predictable and boring for that and even when there's actually a couple of great highlights they're a rarity to come by. The great tracks are just ... read more

Black Thought & Danger Mouse - Cheat Codes
'Cheat Codes' was an album that I was highly anticipating from Danger Mouse & Black Thought, the singles had been consistently fantastic and very promising, the feature list was stacked, and I was really intrigued to see what these two greats could come up after supposedly 16 years of making this project, and to be fair I'm not one bit disappointed since the majority of what's offered on 'Cheat Codes' is really damn great. It's no masterpiece and it doesn't add much new but Danger Mouse ... read more
Chat Pile - God’s Country
'God's Country' is good even if it's a bit on the overrated side. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high given the amount of hype Chat Pile has been receiving, there's most certainly quality here but the praise it's getting is a bit overblown in my opinion. Like this album doesn't exactly do much that's all that mind-blowing or new for most part, some of it is a bit derivative of Daughters brand of Noise Rock which wouldn't be an issue on its own if the production and the performances are ... read more
Imperial Triumphant - Spirit Of Ecstasy
While I much prefer Imperial Triumphant's 2020 album 'Alphaville', 'Spirit of Ecstasy' still showcases the best qualities of the bands distinct sound incredibly well and while they're doing that they're creating some of the most dissonant, complex and disturbing sounding music to come out this year. The bands combination of Gorguts like Dissonant Death Metal and Avant-Garde Jazz compositions and instrumentation has always been the huge selling point of their music for me, and not much has ... read more
Devin Townsend - Punky Brüster – Cooked on Phonics
The Devin Townsend Binge (1/4) - The Early Era (3/7)

Welp, I brought this one upon myself if I’m being real here, I had the option to just skip over this one and not bother to cover it during this binge but I decided not to and gave it a listen anyway. Do I regret it? Not really I'll power through a binge or a discography no matter how mediocre or shitty the next album is, and this Punky Brüster album is no exception. The Devin Townsend binge has taking a pretty interesting turn to ... read more

Strapping Young Lad - City
The Devin Townsend Binge (1/4) - The Early Era (2/7)

'City' is next up on the Devin Townsend binge and since I reviewed SYL's debut I was very hyped to see what the band were gonna offer up on the next record I hear from them, but 'City' in particular was one of the projects that I was most excited to hear, not only because it's one of the most acclaimed albums by SYL and not only because what the band did on their debut was really promising, but also because one of my favourite drummers is on ... read more

black midi - Hellfire
To the shock and awe of absolutely no one, the new Black Midi album is good.

So yeah, Black Midi... bit of a wacky band to say the least, probably the single most whacky band that's out right now but simultaneously they've also been one of the most refreshing and exciting bands out right now, and since I first heard 'Schlagenheim' back in 2019 I have loved their music and have had nothing but undying praise for them. That undying praise is even more ecstatic on my end when the band released ... read more

Ghais Guevara - There Will Be No Super-Slave
Prior to this I haven't had the chance to check out Ghais Guevara's music, I know he released the album 'BlackBolshevik' under a different name but 'There Will Be No Super-Slave' is the first record of his that I'm hearing, and I must say I came away really damn impressed, and first impressions of this record is that it's a great, creative, bold and outspoken Hip-Hop record that features some dense, creative production and impressive ability flow wise and lyrically. While it isn't my favourite ... read more
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