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New Jersey
I teach high school and I like music and books. My reviews are always long and rambly and sometimes contain off-topic tangents, personal anecdotes and weird comparisons. I pretty much write for my own sake and if other people like it for some reason, that's cool too. If you like my writing and want to see what I have to say about other things here's a blog I write about religion:
Somewhere in Ireland
Learning more about music every day and will eventually write a review! I'm pretty lenient on my ratings, so anything under 50 is pretty bad. Also, I am not rating all the albums I have listened to in the past, as I feel like I need to give them another listen to properly rate/review them. You'll see more 2000s onwards albums rated. And I follow literally everyone cuz why not
At home, not bored...yet.
Currently busy studying! I like to follow all users, so my moderately high follower count doesn't indicate the quality of my reviews. 87+ is excellent & <50 is everyone else's <20 (My rating system is pretty kind to crap albums). Once my ratings get above 83, each numerical increment indicates quite a large boost in quality. I try to rate albums with a healthy mixture of critical objectivity and personal subjectivity.
London, United Kingdom
A collection of thoughts and opinions about the world of music! The rating is not based on anything except a rough level of personal impact and enjoyment. It is also the subject of change in the future. Follow to be updated on all new music pieces, ratings, rankings & various lists!
music is pretty sick 100: Perfection 99-90: Masterpiece 89-80: Amazing/great 79-70: Good/really good 69-65: Decent 65-60: "eh"/Mediocre 59-50: Forgettable, nothing special, but not horrible 40-25: Bad 25-0: A flaming pile of garbage
413 โ™ก
๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ(20 they/them โ™‘) adhd loser who enjoys music and is slow at reviewing it. cares a bit too much about album art. struggling to learn how to write good. if my reviews seem scattered and messy, that's because they probably are. i'm trying Singles Account: โ˜ญ ๐ŸŒธ
El Salvador
I rate music because I'm sad. Reviews and sht at on Ig.
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My main account is @n0stalgia I use this account to rate singles so they don't clutter my main account.
The United States
hi my name is davey. wannabe music nerd with a very generic music taste.
Hi I'm Liam I like new music 92-95-100 - Albums of the Year, instant classics, the best stuff, *chefs kiss*. 85-88 - Really great, will be talking about these for years to come. 78-82 - Consistently really nice from front to back, no low points and some high highs. 72-75 - Worth recommending, not everything hits but enough does to leave a positive impression. 62-65-68 - Stuff with good potential or a nice vibe, but not much else. 52-55-58 - Probably not my thing. 0-40 - I don't like it.
Sรฃo Paulo, Brazil.
I have the correct criticism based on compositions, sound, activation, rhythm and especially i value its production. If i don't like that, it's not going to change my mind. Only a person who has joy to show his opinions around the world of music.
I like to ease the suffering I attain from not being able to write and make music by rating and ranking everyone elses. Enjoy! Rating System (Done in intervals of 5): 100 - Masterpiece 90 - Really love 80 - Love 70 - Really like 60 - Like 50 - Average 40 - Dislike 30 - Really dislike 20 - Hate 10 - Really hate 0 - ERASE MY MEMORY (Library is stuff I'm gonna listen to... eventually)
1 Hour Of Doomer Music To Smoke/Chill/Sleep To
Hey. My name's Topi. I'm from Finland and i lack personality. My Favourite Artists: Kendrick Lamar, Have A Nice Life, Modest Mouse, Talk Talk, Neutral Milk Hotel, Sufjan Stevens, The Smiths, Radiohead, Car Seat Headrest Rating Scale: 100-95 Masterpiece (An artist can only have one 100) 90-85 Exceptional 80-75 Great 70-65 Good 60-55 Okay 50-45 Mediocre 40-35 Boring/Disappointing 30-25 Bad 20-15 Horrible 10-0 no
Harrison, OH
Current artist for the week: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Between artists I'm also trying to cover the 2000s classics. I've been scoring albums on a ten item ten-point scale that makes the whole process of rating an album feel more genuine rather than just coming up with a random number in my head. If anyone is interested in checking out my scoring rubric let me know! Check out my music podcasts. (Record Roundtable, Good Band Bad Band).
Iโ€™m not a great reviewer, I just started doin this.
Ice Age baby's funeral
18 year old. 10/10 would listen to recommendations.
porto, portugal

My new account! 100-Perfect(in my eyes) 95-near perfect 90-amazing 85-Fantastic 80-Great 75-really good 70-good 65-decent 60-mediocre 55-slightly above average 50-average 45-bad 40-really bad 35-terrible 30-even more terrible 25-horrid 20 to 0- masterpieces Tbh i didn't really enjoy my old account so im gonna rip off cyd
The Court of the Crimson King
100: Masterpiece 90-99: Amazing 80-89: Great 70-79: Really Good 60-69: Good 50-59: Average 40-49: Bad 30-39: Really Bad 20-29: Terrible 10-19: Just Awful 0-9: Angelic 2 The Core
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Hello! 17 y/o, recommend me music! I try to review as much as I can. - - - - - - I'm listening to the Bjรถrk discography right now.
AOTY's #1 source for hip-hop
Former music, film columnist Kent Wired (voted #1 college publication in U.S.) / Documentarian & Filmmaker / DJ Radio Host Follow on Twitter (62+ considered good, 46- don't bother listening).
CERTIFIED COUCH MUSIC ENTHUSIAST Hello! I'm so glad I found this to discover new music and artists. I run a music podcast called the Untitled Mixtape with some friends and this seemed like a perfect way to show people new music as well. Happy Listening everyone! And if you have a different opinion then me DOPE, I'm down to talk about it . Also I tack on ratings in the are I believe they are at, and adjust them at the end of the month in their respective area by just a couple points.

Trash Island / Philly
Hi, my actual name is Damon, I'm 16, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hipster. Cloud rap stan. God of unpopular opinions. I rate shit too high cuz I love almost everything I hear, I'm also too nice with 100's. My Rating System: 100: Masterpiece 90s: Godly 80s: Great 70s: Epic 60s: Decent 50s: Mediocre 40s: Bad 30s: Awful 20s: Garbo 19 & under: WTF ~ Ratings based on my enjoyment <3
there are too many people
Arizona | C.L. Jesse is emo online
I'm a 15 year old egirl that pretends like my musical opinions matter. The name is Charlise, and my aliases are C.L. Jesse, Johnny Truant, and AvenadeFan69. ***95+ is equal to a 10/10 or 5/5*** 90-100: Masterpiece 80-89: Wonderful 70-79: Good/decent 60-69: Alright 50-59: Meh/Okay 40-49: Bad 30-39: Awful/Funny Bad 20-29: Trash 10-19: Disposable 0-9: Nonredeemable Spotify: heyitbelili My Art: Letterboxd:
((i am no longer baby i want power)) I usually give high scores because I only hear things that I know Iโ€™ll like
France /// The history of the albums
Hi! I hope to be able to debate with passionate people like you, that's why I joined AOTY. I also write on Sputnikmusic
i'm very lenient on my ratings so anything below 60, i don't enjoy that much and anything below 50 is utterly fucked.
I listen to all sorts of music. My library is a list of albums I'd buy if I had unlimited money. Well, some limit, or I'd buy them all.
52nd Street
I only rate singles! You're wasting your time here. Check out my main account instead โฌ‡๏ธ
I think you can always choose between 2 albums that's why during 1 year each album has different score // often editing scores I love pop music
Gaming nerd, music nerd (perhaps not the internet's busiest), and lover of discussion of the two. I enjoy discussing and even debating albums, it's fun as long as no one gets too butthurt. I make a written, concise review for every album I rate so look into that if you want more information. I try to make them bitesize yet informative. Give my page a follow if you'd like to see what I'm listening to or appreciate my comments on certain pieces. It'd make my shriveled, black heart happy.
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