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oblivionwaffles -
All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us is Architects' sixth studio album, and the last one written by Tom Searle (Rest In Peace). An album that outstands itself very good in almost every aspect but has the potential to be of the best Metalcore albums (from my perspective) once you capture the deep and emotions the songs display. Because it is hard to ever think of the fact that you don't have much time until you fade into nothing, it is hard to see how the world is leading to destruction, how hatred ... read more

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oblivionwaffles -
After their previous album, Eyes Wide Open, I kind of stopped caring that much for this group, mainly because of how boring and long the album felt, even tho it was a regular length. Filled principally with solid Dance-pop instrumentals that I loved and good performances, Taste of Love might be TWICE's most exciting release since Feel Special.

Oh yeah, why is Alcohol-Free in the same EP that the rest of the songs are tho? It feels so off. The contrast in quality and style is quite drastic, and ... read more
oblivionwaffles -
Wow, how ironic it is that Poppy came out with an EP heavier, more consistent, and more enjoyable than some albums of metalcore bands I follow. Of course, this is not entirely a surprise.
Even from Am I a Girl? we were getting a taste of this kind of sound, which eventually evolved into the amalgam of metal and pop I Disagree is, which is a sound that I liked for the most part. EAT sort of left that pop side apart and slaps as hard as a drunk stepfather with these relentless riffs and ... read more
oblivionwaffles -
In SLEEPS SOCIETY, we can observe it followed the same path as SO WHAT did and continues to challenge the band's comfort zone, implementing synthesizers and electronic elements to their songs. The album left us with refreshing bangers, but as a whole might feel quite inconsistent.

Lawrence has solved some of the vocal issues he had before and came back better than ever in this brand new project. Mat and Sean fulfill their role, and they do it great as well. Indeed, the vocal delivery is an ... read more
oblivionwaffles -
After listening to the album nonstop for two days straight, I think I've finally concluded my thoughts. Indeed, For Those That Wish To Exist is, by far, their most generic, bland, and softer record. The intentions are honorable, the concept feels refreshing, but the final product? It is just okay.

The album visits a whole new sound for the band, featuring electronic elements and a more commercial touch to some of the songs, allowing us to see Architects from a different perspective than we ... read more
oblivionwaffles -
Not anything close to what I initially expected and left me with a lot to wish and mixed ideas. Parting from this more soft sound, I would expect it to hook me up in my head when in reality feels more ethereal than I wish it does. The instrumentation is on point for sure, especially the drumming and background vocals of the last part, adding something interesting to the song. But one of its main problems is the vocal delivery. It can be unseen so easily and doesn't bring anything interesting.


May 18, 2021
Hola! ¿Cómo estás? Estoy armando una lista y me gustaría saber. Cuál crees que es un álbum perfecto para escuchar en una determinada ciudad y cual sería esa ciudad? Preferiblemente elige una ciudad de tu país o estado/provincia. Si quieres agregar algunas palabras de porque elegiste ese disco para esa ciudad también son bienvenidas ¡Gracias!
Apr 10, 2021
Thanks for the follow! I really appreciate it!
Mar 1, 2021
Oooh that’s interesting because I used to play World Of Warcraft when I was a bit younger, it’s definitely in my top games of all time and I would love some of the sounds too! I’ll definitely be checking this album out!
Mar 1, 2021
Ooooh, that’s an interesting pick! First time I hear about that one, did you play the game it’s from?
Feb 28, 2021
Hi friend! Thanks for the follow! Let’s connect, what would you consider your favorite album of this year so far? 😁
Feb 11, 2021
hey there
Feb 9, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Oct 21, 2020
hello friend


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