DJ Shadow - Endtroducing...
Jun 9, 2019 (updated Jun 12, 2019)

So, we reached the like goal by Wednesday (thank you!) So...that means I'm making Endtroducing Ryan Benis, a album based off of me and others rapping over this record. Oh boy...

However, I had a brain wave. What if we made this a community project? For those interested, you can DM on Twitter (@PipePanicFTW) OR you can message me on Discord (@PipePanic), so if your interested or just wanna chat, you can message me there. This will be a fun time, so join if you wanna. Let's make this thing boys!!

Original Review:

Ok, so I usually don't do this, but this idea of making a free mixtape of just rapping to this album I think would be kinda fun, but want to make sure that I'm not just doing it to fuel my own ego. So, if this review gets more the 15 likes  by the end of this Friday, I'll make Endtroducing Ryan Benis..., and realese it by the end of the year.
So if you wanna see that, then first read the review and see if it's worth a like. If you thinks it's a bad idea and you wouldn't listen to it, then that's fine. And please don't misconstrued this review for something it's not: This isn't me trying to cheat the like system, this is me seeing if this idea is good or very, very bad.

This review was also written after my first listen, so this isn't as fleshed out or as articulate as I usually am. Sorry in advance!

When I popped this on for the first time, I had no idea what to expect. From the near cult perfection status this record has created, it seemed like this record was larger then life itself.  So, what's all the hullabaloo about DJ Shadow, I thought? Is this as timeless as I was expecting?

What I got was not what I was expecting, but yes. Yes yes yes.

Essentially, this is a group of tightly knotted and high quality beats made by a extremely creative and passionate producer, who specializes in making exciting, fun, entertaining, sometimes even ambient or experimental soundscapes that create strange and exciting beats that put me on the edge of my seat, and is one of the most entertaining and badass listens I've had to a intrumental record in literally years. But at the same's so much more. It's both jazz and industrial, ambient and hard hitting, beautiful and break neck intense. And for a beat album made in 1996, that's saying something.

It's a dark, somber, beautiful and heavy record, with nearly every sound under the sun perfected into transcendent production bliss. It says so much by saying nearly nothing, just with the purr emotion in the compositions. I'd say the closest I've been to an emotional attachment to intrumental music is maybe the first time I hear Godspeed You! Black Emporor, and I know that's a strong statement, but I have other way to describe the amount of connection I received from this record. It genuinely made me step outside of myself for a second a think about thing I didn't think I'd think about.

However, I don't think it's a 10/10 just yet. While I do have very few problems with this record, I know that there are problems. Untitled really has no reason to exist, and some of the inturludes more or less feel out of place. But I'm still fuming with excitement and emotion after listening to this, so this might just be the hype talking, but it's a steller record that needs to be heard.

If you haven't heard this record, stop what your doing and listen to this. Maybe as your going to bed, or on a long car trip, but just listen. It's a immensely well put together record, and I'm so goddamn excited to look into this more. Believe the fucking hype.

Favorite Jams: The Number Song, Mutual Slump, Stem / Long Stem

Lest Favorite: Untitled
Jun 12, 2019
im your 15th like NOW GO
Jun 12, 2019
great review but it's odd the fact that so many ppl are coming to review this record NOW, this year not last year not the year before but this huge influx in reviews and ratings is odd to me is all. I have no problem but were yall jus sleeping on this record? Wanted to listen to it but never had the time to? Recommendations? Or yall now just heard about dj shadow and his best record to date. I am in confuuusion.
Jun 12, 2019
also why is untitled your least favorite? Yes its a short interlude and feels unneeded but dam its quotable for what little lines it had
Jun 12, 2019
@ahhhhh compared to the rest of the tracks, untitled was just that: an uneeded inturlude
Jun 12, 2019
anyways, get to writing son. i need them raps i dont care about how you feel i need bars and 16 of em
Jun 12, 2019
@ahhhhh fair
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