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Chino I'm gonna Preno
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Stakes for this album were high. Like, really high.

Not only was this technically going to be a quote on quote ‘comeback record’ for the band (after reception for Comedown Machine wasn’t great and the band just decided to take the rest of the decade off to focus on touring and making solo records) but it also stood as a deciding point to weather the band SHOULD continue in the first place. Reactions to their last album ... read more
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I’ve had it. The Strokes solo material are some of the most maddening records i’ve ever had to write for.

Sure, there is The Voidz, but my god there is nearly nothing else to me that makes me excited, that makes me interested, that makes me want to listen to it again. It’s music that I forget in a split second after I have listened to it. And trying to pump out what I think about it? It’s maddening.

Enter this ... read more
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It’s literally the same album as the first CRX album but with synths, better guitar work and more boring songwriting. It sounds a lot more original than that first album...but in return it's also a lot less engaging. That’s it. Couple of good songs here and there, but much like the first album, I have literally nothing else to say.

Just listen to Devo nerds.

Favorite Jams: Falling, Crash, Golden Age

Least Favorite: Back & ... read more
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Oh, it’s gonna be like that huh?

Look, before I go on: Just listen to this album. It’s some of the most euphoric sounding electronic rock you’ll hear all year. If your a fan of acts like Radiohead or just want to see what the fuss is about with this band, this album should be right up your ally. Just listen to it.

That being said...goddamn!

While i’ve never admitted to being an Everything Everything stan (even though I adore Get to Heaven a lot like nearly everyone ... read more
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Wait...this doesn’t suck dogshit? Oh!

Marilyn ‘Edgeboy’ Manson is an artist that, even though some if not most of his music is just eargrading to me, i’ve always admired. It’s easy to look at his edgy, make-up faced appearance and dismiss him as someone who is just doing this out of shock, but not only has he made some pretty compelling music over the years, he’s also one of the more progressively ‘punk’ artists to come out of the last decade. To ... read more
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Punk isn’t dead, it’s just hiding in plain sight. Take, for example, Virtue.

To say I was anticipating this listen was an understatement. After two albums of pure, unadulterated filler with ‘Summer Moon’ and ‘Francis Trouble’, I was on the edge of my seat wondering what direction Julian Casablanca (now just calling his solo gig The Voidz after 'initiating him') would take for this album. I absolutely ADORED ‘Tyranny’ (as you may know) and from ... read more
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It's boring, it’s stale, and it’s Albert Hammond Jr. Do you need anything else from me?

Favorite Jams: DvsL, ScreMER, Tea For Two

Lest Favorite: Stop and Go
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What do you say about an album that says nothing?

Unspecial or passable music I feel is so much harder and more aggravating to talk about in a review context then truly bad music. That feeling of pure nothingness when you listen to music, neither stuurring disgust or excitement, is one of if not my least favorite feelings when listening to music, because it conjures exactly that: nothing. What statement can I give to albums that give me ... read more
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STORY REVIEW: (This is less a structured review with points to make and more a writing piece inspired by Everyday Robots and its themes in regards to love and technology. I know this style isn't liked by all, but I do hope to get something out of writing this, even if it's not the best use as a 'review'. I implore you to check this album out though, as it has some amazing musical moments that make me almost tear up at times. Hope you enjoy it!)

“Waiting is the worst part of life.”, ... read more
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Let’s flashback and take a look at the album that took Ryan’s innocence.

A part of my childhood that, for some reason I vividly remember, is my mother looking at me and my best friend, seated in the backseat of my family's car, going through the drive-thru at McDonalds, hearing me and my best friend blast The Black Parade in the back of the car through my mothers stereo and screeching along to the lyrics. At that time, this album was my exposure to the world of heavier music, and I ... read more
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I need a shower.

This thing, when it clicks, is a super dense and foreboding project. It's a dark ambient album that slowly draws you in, setting itself nicely on it's checkered laden table, and devours you whole with it's distorted and strange soundscape. At barely half an hour, it comes in, takes you into it's strange weird world and spits you right back out. It's almost like the music you'd hear on the radio of a post-apocalyptic radio station that's long been dead, and you're trying to ... read more
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is gonna be the day that they gonna throw it back to you
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Deftones are one of the few bands that consistently impress and are legitimately one of the most unique and consistent metal bands to come out from the 90s. Every release that they have made has constantly moved their sound forward in unique and interesting ways, and this new single is no exception!

Not only is it one of shoegazy tracks they have released in a good while (he says, even when Gore exists) but it's as atmospheric as it is catchy. The riffs sound bright and peppy, while ... read more
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Jesus Fucking Christ.
PipePanic -

...Fuck it, this is just good!

This will be the first Bucket List record I've looked at where I don’t have a lot of history with the album in question. Like, at all. Glassjaw, if I'm being frank, didn’t garner a lot of interest in me when it was first shown to me. A band I had never heard of before with an album I'd never heard of before, with the only reason I'm even listening to the album being off of praise from word of mouth of my peers and off of a ... read more
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...Wait, THIS is the album that’s the most boring album to grace boringville? THIS?!

Maybe I should back up a bit and do some background before I delve deep. Last time we saw the British Boys, they were winning, and winning hard. Their explosive blend of punk, rock and pop sped past at unfathomable speeds on ‘Favorite Worst Nightmare’, and people were just starting to catch up. More beady eyes were on Arctic Monkeys than ever ... read more
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OK, so this might come out of nowhere, but I swear to Sweet Jesus I need to get this off my chest.

This song is by far, without the doubt in my mind, the single most overplayed track in the history of New Zealands advertising career. Literally, every car commercial, every movie trailer and every campaign on the history of The Middle Earth contains the song 'Bliss' by Th' Dudes.

Everytime I hear these Branded White Middle Aged Slackers inherently talking about having 'FuN' and 'bEiNg fReE' ... read more
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