Nov 11, 2019
(Band Binge: Beach House Part Three of Eight)

Guys. It's clicked.

Oh thank god this was good. I was worried to death that I wouldn't like this album. After how high my hopes were for their last two albums, the letdown (aside from a few really good tracks) was devastating. I was fully expecting for this album to follow in the same vein and continue to give me pretty nicely produced sludge-pop...what I didn't expect was for this album to actually connect with me in any way.

I think I am ... read more
Nov 8, 2019
And here we see AOTY stans riot. Everyone's favorite shoegaze bitches are back with their version of a punk record.

You already know how this goes. It's Have a Nice Life! Creators of two fantastic shoegaze records that have been a STAPLE in nearly every AOTY list for 'best albums of all time'. We ALL know that Deathconciousness is a modern classic, and we ALL know how much The Unnatural World opened up Have A Nice Life to a more wider demographic, becoming accessible while still remaining ... read more
Nov 5, 2019
(Band Binge: Beach House Part Two of Eight)

...Am I missing something here?

Look, this album isn't bad. It's far from it actually. It's sweet, wholesome, delicate, the songwriting is on point and the production is dense and off the wall. And compared to their debut, there is definite improvement. But...goddamn I was just bored to tears. I had to chuck on Devo halfway through listening just to bring me back to life!

I think i'm just the wrong guy to be looking at this group in depth. Everyone ... read more
Nov 1, 2019
Be me. I'm enjoying myself a good sandwich. A turkey sandwich to be exact, with mayo and the crusts cut off. I'm having a good time, a good day, a good hour. It's calm, meditative and pleasing. I'm in my lungs in my couch, and am watching an episode of Tim and Eric on TV. Then all of a sudden...CRASH! The window of my lounge breaks.

'What the fuck was that?', I say to myself. I out down my half eaten sandwich and pause the TV (I have Tevo, it's fine) and investigate. Around the corner of the ... read more
Oct 30, 2019
After so many delays and bullshit, it's finally out. Goof EP is out NOW on Soundcloud. (

It's 18 minutes of the usual shtick of meme filled rap, but this time I actually tried writing something that I was proud of instead of chucking out garbage like I usually do. And I think it's a lot more rewarding. I am proud of this, no matter how horrid it actually is. The performances aren't great and some of the production choices are not great, sure, ... read more
Oct 29, 2019
(Band Binge: Beach House Part One of Eight)

Eh. It's fine.

So i'm not well versed in Beach, at all. Seriously, I haven't heard a single album, haven't heard a track, haven't even heard a single goddamn sound of this band...but yet here we are. I've just heard they are amazing, and after looking at their discogoraphy, they seemed like a perfect band to band binge. So, when I asked what people wanted me to cover for the series, a collective 'BEACH HOUSE PLEASE' was uttered. Hence ... read more
Oct 26, 2019
Hi everyone, Pipethony Pipetano here, the Internets LAMEST music nerd, hope your doing well, and it's time for a review of The Needle Drops new compilation: The Needle Drop LP.

This is the newest compilation of Connecticut based music reviewer Anthony Fantano, whose music and musical taste has been adored and criticized by many. Adored enough, to warrant a compilation of hand picked cuts from some of Anthony's favorite artists, for charity. Artists that range from hip hop to noise rock to even ... read more
Oct 26, 2019
Hooooly balls, this is a fucking surprise now isn't it? Don't sleep on this one everyone, we all know you would have otherwise!

Did anyone even KNOW Anamanaguchi were releasing music this year? If so, then where the hell did you hear that? Because this is an interesting one. Anamanaguchi is a band that, at lest previously, combined elements of chip-tune, pop punk, video game music, ambient music, punk music, k-pop, rock music and a whole bunch of electronic elements to create a completely ... read more
Oct 25, 2019
It's a Cigarettes after Sex album. That's all.
Oct 24, 2019
'I'm licking, I'm sucking, White nipples, while sinking'?
'Sun Fucker eats the blind'?

Yep, this is a Swans album alright.

When it comes to Swans, you really could expect anything. Like, the group at this point in their careers are so goddamn out there, weird, interesting, experimental and unique that anything they put out will at lest feel like it's an essential part of their discogoraphy. They could put out a record that's nothing but white noise and it would still have appeal inside their ... read more
Oct 24, 2019
Jesus Christ, even The 1975 are stepping up to realese their best album. What universe are we living in?
Oct 21, 2019
(Band Binge: Muse BONUS EPISODE!)

Yep. The only noticeable and substantial side project of any of the Muse members. And no-one knows it exists. And it's the best kept secret that Muse have.

So you might be asking: 'Hey Pipe, what and who the fuck is a Vicky Cryer?'. Well i'm glad you asked, dear viewer! Dominic Howard, drummer of Muse and one of the core members started a little side hustle with members of Wolfmother, The Killers, Flaming Lips, Louis XIV, The Voidz and Jamiroquai, influenced ... read more
Oct 18, 2019
A man is sitting in front of his computer. He is concentrating hard, headphones in ear. He's typing something, but every so often, stops to focus on whats playing through his headphones. His face is plagued with worry, his focus heightened and his fingers furiously seeming to type.....

'....Nothing.', speaks the man. 'I've fucking got nothing.'

Another man enters the picture through a door on the right hand side of the computer man. He looks at the computer man as if this has all happened ... read more
Oct 18, 2019
(Band Binge: Muse Part Seven of Seven...ish)

...Fuck it. This album isn't THAT bad.

Look, this album is corny, flawed, goofy, stupid, a little messy and very flat in some areas that Muse usually stride in. And yeah, the album cover is pretty...trash. lest when compared The 2nd Law, this is NOT their worst album. It just isn't. It's a grey and kinda bland album, but it's not their worst.

I think what quantifies this album as being at lest a little better then the previous 2 albums ... read more
Oct 17, 2019
Patient #5 Test Results:

Description: After hearing 'There Existed an Addiction to Blood' by Clipping, a pacient went into a nervous breakdown, with three dead bodies found at the scene. Here is the recorded conversation with a medical professional. Names have been erased to protect the innocent.

Doctor: So, how are you feeling after the breakdown?

Patient: It's clipping bitch.

Doctor: So you've been saying, and i'd love if you wouldn't use such language towards me. Are we clear?

Patient: ... read more
Oct 11, 2019

だから、BabyMetalは確かに金属の興味深い人物です。 K-Pop、Metal、さらにはプログレッシブ音楽のトラックの一部の奇妙なブレンドは、2つの反応の1つを残すことができます。反応1:ああ、これはこれまでで最高のものです! BabyMetal we ... read more
Oct 11, 2019
Oh my god. This is Royal Blood if Royal Blood took speed.

This thing is dirty, and I mean DIRTY! It's a rock duo that are firing off every available cannon given and not giving a single care about what people think about them. It's like if Tame Impala's Elephant became it's own band, and I am HERE FOR IT!

...So what's with the reception here people?

Yeah, seriously? This thing is unhinged and amazingly out there, yet as of writing this this thing only has a 67 score...fucking REALLY? THIS ... read more
Oct 11, 2019
This is pretty nice. Not as good as anything off of his last album, but still a decent track that clearly has a STYLE and isn't very ONE dimensional and lacking in DIRECTION ironically enough. But, it just kind of lacks any of the hutspa that his last singles had. Looking forward to this one tho.
Oct 10, 2019
(Band Binge: Muse Part Six of Seven)

Here we are. The worst Muse album. By far. My GOD.

Hooooooly shit what happened here? After the pretty disappointing Resistance album, Muse fans were hoping, preying, PLEADING for a either a return of form or some sort of comeback towards a more tight and interesting sound, or a push towards the more expansive, grand and breathtaking moments from The Resistance (i.e Exogenisis). Either way, people didn't want...what ever the fuck this was.

The 2nd Law is ... read more
Oct 10, 2019
I'm sorry, but I have to say it: 88rising are not an interesting label.

I understand what 88rising are trying to do. Create a brand of alternative pop music that appeals to the 'cRaZy and DiFFrEnT' millennial generation, while shining light on artists coming out of Asia. I get that. Doesn't make this compilation album suck any less.

Much like the last album from 88rising, this album is filled to the brim with pretty mediocre pop tracks with the occasional banger spliced in there, but here the ... read more
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