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Kosheen - Resist
Jun 12

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Ra1995 -
I truly enjoyed the modern, stylish and intriguing "Synthetic Nature” project. The album cover art is cool and works in its favor. It made me think of a dry lake named Groom Lake, which is part of Area 51, a place where people would like to go ”alien hunting”, but... xD.
If I had to imagine a story, I would say that the first section of the album seems to focus on certain inventions being developed in a top secret place. You did call it the “infant” side, so ... read more
Ra1995 -
First retrospective review on this site. :-)
"Resist" is a strong debut from the early 00s appealing electronica group, Kosheen, fronted by singer-songwriter Sian Evans. I specifically remember discovering Kosheen as a teen (by accident on Youtube) in the early 10s. A great "accident" and luckily not the only one.
It also ended up being my favorite album from Kosheen's discography, that's why I really wanted for some time now to listen to this album again and then rate it, ... read more
Ra1995 -
Honestly? Mixed feelings (and I'm saying this as a fan). I respect them personally for wanting to fight against injustice on so many levels, for directly expressing themselves through music, for being a great band, yet this album feels rushed. Maybe some tracks are intentionally obnoxious and tacky, in order to illustrate the ugliness going on, but still, I guess I expected more from them.
~55/100 (at least for now).

Best Tracks : The Creeps; The Men Who Rule The World; No Horses (included in ... read more
Ra1995 -
This dude undoubtedly has talent. I like the disco and synth-pop inspired sounds on most tracks. There are however some development problems.

The LP's core reveals its most memorable singles. "Everybody's Gonna Love Somebody" is an endearing love song with simple lyrics, yet it shows how a genuine performance can make a repetitive chorus sound so passionate. Big thumbs up for "Wait, I Lied" and the energy it exudes, I can easily see it as the most elaborate song from this ... read more
Ra1995 -
Viewed as a whole, "Scaled and Icy" is a huge disappointment if you put it next to Twenty One Pilots' previous ambitious project ("Trench"), but still it seems to be a record you (or I ) can amateurishly dance to. That alone doesn't prevent it from being almost forgettable.
When it comes to its sound, this album is done in a very lazy manner, so I won't even go deeper into analysis.

Favorite Track : Formidable.

Guilty pleasure : Choker.

Worst Tracks : Good Day, The ... read more


Jun 15, 2021
I Just read it and commented on it! Thank you so much... I loved reading it :)
Jun 14, 2021
Oh wow, thank you so much for the comment! I can't wait to read the review :) It means a lot to me
Jun 13, 2021
Thanks for following! I really appreciate it!
May 11, 2021
hey, do want to explain why my single was a 5?


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