Just my record collection, will add more overtime. (Sorted by date collected) Also I know it’s a cd there is no vinyl emoji
Updated 6h ago 7
Albums I’m just hyped for
Updated 13h ago 4
THIS IS ALWAYS BEING UPDATED 1/2 of the list based on quality, 1/2 based on personal enjoyment and replayability Also it’s a little messed up sorry
Updated 4d agoRanked 13
miss rona won’t stop the world from releasing new, good music (also I didn’t listen to many albums that released this year, as I’ve been listening to a ton of stuff I missed in the past like 20 ...
Updated 5d agoRanked 8
Basically albums like gecs, PC music, or that have funny electronic production you should listen to Also this list was made with artists according to the hyperpop wiki
Updated 6d ago 4
Giving you recommendations based on one of my favorite genres
Updated 6d ago
STRAIGHT UP Trap albums that I think are worth your time IB: AZIZ
Updated 6d ago 2
Called the first one savage mode my mood that’s what it does (21, 21) let’s hope this year is better than 2020
Updated 1w agoRanked 1
Remember, this only includes albums I have listened to, and it’s is mostly based on opinion.
Updated 4w agoRanked 7
Updated 1mo ago 2
Every song that I rate above a 95 goes on here, and I rank em
Updated 1mo agoRanked 8
a potato flew around my room AVG SCORE: 95 Ranking the albums of probably my favorite artist of all time. The one and only Frank Ocean.
Updated 1mo agoRanked
Similar to my endings lists, here you can comment any of your favorite album openers. It’s also ranked by most submitted to least submitted.
Updated 1mo ago 22
Ranking the albums from a super talented rapper, who I just really hope is ok at the moment. AVG SCORE: 82
Updated 2mo agoRanked 1
I really love my wife AVG SCORE: 63 Ranking every project from an artist who I do love very much, and one that I have a soft spot for.
Updated 2mo agoRanked
poopity scoop AVG SCORE: 84 Ranking the albums by a musical innovator, and an artist that changes between each release like it’s nothing, but in the best way possible.
Updated 2mo agoRanked 4
back at it like a crack addict AVG SCORE: 85 Ranking the albums by this ruthlessly talented rap duo who never fail to blow my mind.
Updated 2mo agoRanked
Oh my god just let me do what I need to do AVG SCORE: 83 A list ranking the projects from the artist that got me into music, and one that I have the softest spot for out of any artist period.
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I thought it would be fun to make a list where users on this site can share their favorite closing track of an album. Just submit your response below, and I will credit. It’s also ranked by most ...
Updated 2mo ago 25
Albums that I think are basically perfect or near perfect
Updated 2mo ago 2
A collection of this website’s feel-good albums. Good vibes only. Also thank you to all who participated. This was a great success and I am very happy with it.
Updated 3mo ago 49
Ranking every album I give above a 9.5+
Updated 3mo agoRanked 1
Album covers that I think are cool as hell
Updated 4mo ago
Lil Keed. That’s all I have to say.
Updated 5mo agoRanked 1
I feel like the man IB: i am a new man I choose my favorite Freshman from each year, and rank them. I can add two from one year if I want. Also I absolutely love every artist on here (except for ...
Updated 5mo agoRanked 5

February 2021 Playlist