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Guess who's back

Back again

no but seriously this is so hard omg
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The best song by a legendary duo.
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damn they went porter robinson mode on us and i love it
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8.9 - Phenomenal

Welp, another ANOTHER record that surprised me. That’s 3 in a row now.

I knew nothing about Kill Bill coming into this. I remember scrolling down my feed, curious about what was going on at the time, and I saw that a user (who I now am forgetting) rated this tape. The cover stood out to me. I was bored, looked at the tape, and immediately saw the large amount of praise towards it, having an 82 average score at the moment. And it was jazz rap. Of course I wanted to ... read more
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8.0 - Great

Another project that took me by surprise.

Without Warning is a project I’ve had my eyes on for quite a bit now. I’m a huge fan of trap music, and this project has gotten a some what size-able amount of praise in a genre filled with tons of duds. And man, is this one fun.

I’m a sucker for grimy trap beats, and this project is full of them. The atmosphere of the record is eerie in an intelligent way, and is mostly consistent throughout. It shows Metro Boomin ... read more
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7.9 - Great

Welp, this one surprised me.

Trippie Redd has always been an odd artist to me. From what I’ve known, his discography has always been extremely hit or miss, but at his best, Trippie can be a standout in trap rap as a whole with his vocals and melodies. And I will say, A Love Letter To You 3 is for sure a highlight in his somewhat messy career.

Firstly production wise, this mixtape is quite good. It can range from gospel trap rap, seen on the excellent Topanga, or well done ... read more
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I hope he drops a great album
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Uhhh this isn’t terrible

But he still a rat and what is going on with that beard
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8.0 - Great

Unsilent Death by Nails is an album that I would describe as pure rage. It’s so brutal and loud that it can turn off many, which was the case for me at first. However, as you let the mood of this album sink in, you’ll find an extremely engaging listen, even if it at times tracks can be way too short.

This album is very short. And I mean it. It’s only around 14 minutes in length, with each track being at most a minute and 30 seconds. Most of the time, this works ... read more
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I’m telling you once again this is an artist to look out for.
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please go back to the Lil Boat 2016 era I’m begging you
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Why are the new songs better than most of the main album? Still not that good but still, it’s nice.

Best tracks: test drive, 34+35 remix, worst behavior

Least fav: main thing
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Yeah it’s good
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Amoog us dementia edition
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Lmao they probably both thought this was fire

9 yr old army pls don’t attack me
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Wow, this is good. Surprisingly good. Jesus.
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8.0 - Great

So this slowthai album, is nice!

slowthai is an artist that came onto the scene as an extremely refreshing UK rapper with the release of Nothing Great About Britain, a great debut that would make him a talked about figure. Since then, he has released upcoming singles for this new album, that have varied in quality, but I was still quite excited for his new release. And now we have the album, and even though I will say it is not as good as his debut, TYRON is still an enjoyable ... read more
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NR - This isn’t a normal review. It’s also important since you’ll learn more about me.

So, this is not going to be one of my typical reviews. I haven’t listened to this new Sia project, and I don’t plan on it anytime soon. However, today, I will be discussing the absolute shit stain that is this situation with Sia, and how it personally affects me. (Also I use neurodiverse and neurotypical a lot in the review. Neurodiverse means people with mental disabilities, ... read more
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We’re Good is just... well, good. Not great. But good. Fits the title well.
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Banger honestly ๐Ÿ˜Ž

She was so close to inventing PC music but Farrah Abraham had to take that crown
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