AOTY 2023
lostrushi - yasu club
How does someone make this at 16?????
Hi-C - L3Ft 4 D3aD
Insanely fun, probably his best work to date alongside high the lonestarr. I just know tho once this charts its gonna go down to like a 70 user score lmao
¥$ - Vultures
Ye needs to be like that ant and just get a comedically large stick and bag and just pack it up
Drake - For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition
Yall saying this is a return when he has the same flow on every song is crazy the bar is so unbelievably low
Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life
Gun to my head is is the best album ever made I am dead serious. Maybe like top 5 in terms of my favs ever but this is the best set of songs on an album I have ever heard. Like if music is objective to me this is objectively the best album ever
PinkPantheress - Heaven knows
people with y2k hello kitty profile photos are abt to go crazy over this and it’s so valid im all in
Lil B - God's Father
LIL B the rawest rapper alive 2012 Gods father mixtape YAFEELME BASED GOD!! #SOINSPIRATIONAL

Actually a really really good mixtape though and still stayed fresh throughout its length

Elliott Smith - Either/Or
I like how when I told my friends I started listening to Elliott Smith they all immediately asked me if I was ok mentally
lostrushi - SISTERHOOD
Really, REALLY underrated album from this year, ts is fire
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
This is the most with dad album I’ve heard in a minute
Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense (Deluxe Edition)
How just how

This is genuinely magic in terms of a live album. Single handedly made me appreciate talking heads again, every performance is fantastic, and this remaster sounds so good guys go listen to this PLEEEAAASE

I just crime it wild that people are upset with a release that sounds “cleaner” it’s not that I completely disagree I just think that’s extremely fascinating

Anyways this shit is amazing still idgaf, the slight changes are noticeable but don’t really hinder my enjoyment of this masterpiece. It feels like more of a modern JPEGMAFIA v of the old albums as the pitch changes on Ballad remind me a lot of THOT’s PRAYER

Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter - SAVED!
“They ain’t believe in us, god did!” - Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter
Ana Frango Elétrico - Me Chama de Gato Que Eu Sou Sua
Really solid. Reminds me a lot of Masayoshi Takanaka I’d highly recommend his stuff
Jane Remover - Census Designated
Jane removing my self esteem like usual. Good job queen!
Sampha - Lahai
The musical equivalent to a breath of fresh air. Laying in a field with dandelions, as the wind breezes on your cheek. A piece of music that just makes you say to yourself: “life is good.”
MIKE - Burning Desire
MIKE is an instant cure for depression
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