- Hellfire
9.4 - Must Listen


If I’m being honest, this album couldn’t have come at a better time. This past week has been hell for me. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been participating in a program with a bunch of my friends were we explore a foreign country, and 5 days ago I got extremely sick due to some food I ate. Over these past days, I have been in excruciating pain. I’ve been rushed to multiple hospitals and ... read more

 -  Honestly, Nevermind
drake had way more than half a xan while making this I should’ve just gone to bed
 - Eat Men Eat
That music video is ridiculous LMAO
 - Cash In Cash Out
“cat shit ketchup” - 21 savage
 - Teen Week
I understand why people like frailty more, but i love teen week so much I like the beep boops

But seriously, teen week is a project with so much personality, melancholy, and bliss that I just can’t ignore. I have been obsessed with this project for the past month, and let down, homeswitcher, 52 blue mondays, and woodside gardens are all hyperpop classics. Go stream teen week !!!!!!!

 - Glimpse of Us
why did he have to drop this on a friday
 - Boredom
flower boy is still a masterpiece btw
 - At Folsom Prison
Now I have to stop saying I like every genre except country
 - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
EDIT 2: ok I really like this album now

EDIT 2: ok I like this album now

EDIT: warning my opinions have changed lol. it has been growing on me but this is still definitely a weaker project than damn

Ok keep in mind this rating is after one listen, I have yet to analyze lyrics but a part of me doesn’t really want to

I’m very disappointed I’m sorry I hate to be the guy who calls shit mid because that is the most insufferable thing to possibly do but I can’t force ... read more

 - Welcome to Hell
God I love this band
 - The Heart Part 5
ok it is too early to judge this song since I have not been able to comprehend it lyrically but oh my god I am dead

edit: going through it lyrically just makes it better, thank you kendrick

 - Check the Rhime
my new fav tribe song, that bass is fucking groovy
 - The Dripping Tap
For 18 minutes this FLEW by. This makes me feel like I’m that one scene from spongebob where the mini versions of himself are running in his brain while there is a fire going on
 - Baby
EDIT: grown off me just a bit

MUCH better than Beg For You. Although the singles for CRASH have been a mixed bag as they approach a more traditional form of pop, Baby is a great track since it’s able to mix that style with Charli’s amazing vocals, knack for hooks and personality with a more safe instrumental without sounding boring, outperforming many in her sphere.

Not even a joke these songs collectively are a 10/10.
Reminder of the day! This album was a dedication towards his late mother.


Edit: This was actually a not a terrible performance looking back lmao I am dumb

 - Billions
Hi everyone!

It's been a very long time since my last "formal" review. I am sorry about this. I know I have promised some stuff and yeah unfortunately it just didn't come through as I hoped. Don't worry, everything is completely fine on my end, I've actually been doing pretty great recently. Honestly, I haven't been writing as many reviews since firstly, I have been extremely busy, and secondly, I feel like reviewing and rating albums on here became extremely unhealthy. I was ... read more

 - Ants From Up There
this is going to need a shit ton more listens but I am in awe of how this band can make music that’s truly human. with all of it’s dread, angst, and emotional climaxes through its sound painting and imagery, ants from up there could honestly be considered a future classic, even if at the moment it’s only been out for less than 24 hours.
 - Shinigami Eyes
this album is going to be insufferable
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