Feb 19, 2019
not bad stuff but cmon, catfish have so much more to offer. this was just alright. the new album better have some good tracks in there
Feb 19, 2019
i've been waiting for this and im pretty happy! im a sucker for surf rock sort of vibes and fur definitely delivered.
its a cute little ep with like a 60s atmosphere. the guitar is gentle and they use that common ride and snare set up that you catch a lot in songs like this.
the singer has a unique nasal-y voice which compliments the music well.
great stuff, can't wait for more content from fur

also, wrong album cover, aoty
Feb 16, 2019
im aware that its a simon and garfunkel cover but its a bop and also because i watch the umbrella academy and well it just goes well with the show.
Feb 11, 2019
its a fun little track, more for just dancing to. it's not memorable but oh well.
and i was super ehh on clairo being in the song, she's just got dull vocals, chorus is catchy though
wallows really taking advantage over the whole retro/disco-y atmosphere but i hope it doesn't overly simplify their music
Feb 11, 2019
don't hurt yourself is a work of art. the fire burning in beyonce's soul is screaming. its a cool song.
you know when you're in some mad rage, this is a good song to play.
anyways, the way this song was made really enhanced the power.
beyonce's vocals had the raspy edge and when she did all that angry yelling it was just great
so props to jack white as well for producing this, he did a great job. its a bop
Feb 11, 2019
its boooooooooooooring. everybody talks might've been a jam when i was younger but not anymore
change my mind
Feb 11, 2019
unpopular opinion but this album carries too much sentimental value to rate it any lower that 70.
and also the hurts like heaven music video is great.
ive genuinely liked all of coldplay's work from start to wherever they're up to now (except for that collab with chainsmokers. no) but mylo xyloto is so magical in a sense. truly an album from my childhood that i don't think has ever grown off me

fav. songs: hurts like heaven, princess of china, charlie brown
least fav. songs: a hopeful ... read more
Feb 10, 2019
its a great album which i probably should've payed more attention to because i used ICHTHBAO as mostly background music to lessen the stress of my history essay (it worked)
however its way too long (im not very good with long albums) and it could do with shortening.
anyways, good stuff

fav. tracks: deeper into movies, damage, little honda
least fav. tracks: none
Feb 10, 2019
the soundtrack just goes really well with the whole film. there's not really a plot but whatever happens, the music becomes a major theme in the movie
Feb 10, 2019
the guys one hell of a lyricist. and also music videos gain extra points.
im really hoping for another album soon because this is a brilliant debut album.
at a young age and this kind of production, its a great start (okay, i know there's lorde and billie eilish but ignore that).
catchy stuff, 100% worth a listen

fav. songs: paracetamol (makes me cry all the time), isombard, humongous
least fav. tracks: make me your queen
Feb 10, 2019
i kinda just felt like giving something a zero and why not (dis)honour that title to the one and only, chainsmokers.
your welcome :)
Feb 10, 2019
ah, i love australia
Feb 10, 2019
oh boi do i remember this. im amazed that i didn't go deaf at a young age because its so loud it goes fuzzy. but not gonna lie, this albums bops.
surprisingly i never remembered this album being noise rock, and when i came back to it to finally listen to it all over again (crown on the ground was the first song i heard by them), its great.
its a mess but a good mess. there are so many things going on and then you have the singers soft voice going with it.
insane stuff.

fav. songs: riot ... read more
Feb 10, 2019
im relatively familiar with malaysian artists and most of them have a very similar sort of vibe, voice and style of music but yuna stands out from them.
she's got that sweet indie girl voice (not like halsey. just no) but from the malaysian music industry, its different. basically one in a million.
growing up i religiously listened to nocturnal and then forgot. but im glad i could rediscover it because its very relaxing.

nocturnal is being rated a 77 because its not the 100 i used to think ... read more
Feb 10, 2019
its a pretty eh album, the first 5 songs were fine and then I don't know, from there i just wasn't digging it
also the album cover is pretty gross ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Feb 8, 2019
i keep forgetting to review this. but its a bop. well a chill sort of bop.
mostly background music because its (mostly) a slow tempo and the guy's got a really chill voice
also the interlude thing is awesome. the baseline was great.
and considering this is the first time ive gone through an entire album id be happy to listen to more of their discog
good stuff overall.

fav. tracks: cool with you, cop theme, speed racer
least fav. track: I'll try
Feb 3, 2019
this album is really long and most of the tracks don't fully interest me but its aight
the songs towards the end are better than the first half
Feb 3, 2019
almost forgot how much i loved this album
Jan 31, 2019
oh dang. this is pretty good.
really channeling this new spoopy vibe
Jan 28, 2019
instrumental bands dont really catch my attention because i get bored easy even though im supposed to "appreciate the music" but new levels new devils was pretty good.
fun stuff you know? but for some reason i dont catch this dubstep influence. either that or i just dont remember it.
anyways, a pretty sick album. need to give it more listens and see if it grows on me.


edit: yeah nevermind, reheard the other songs and the ones towards the end, definitely getting dubstep ... read more
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