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Jan 13, 2019
younger me is shaking on the ground like mad but current me just likes to bounce her head to a couple of songs

fav. songs: superhero, with ur love
least fav. songs: swagger jagger
Jan 13, 2019
this song was lowkey so boring, i could barely hear her. i know shes done this style of very quiet beginnings with 'when the partys over' but the autotune thing kinda killed it. i suppose this shows her vocal range (in which shes going deep at the start) but thats it. instrumentals were not amazing. but hey i'll give her points for a catchy chorus. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
it was just a bit of a weird song
Jan 12, 2019
i obviously enjoyed this way more than i thought i would've. despite from an iffy beginning this album grew on me straight away. it felt more indie/shoegaze-y than i anticipated. i stupidly had not done my research as i assumed it was going to be some ambient, very instrumental based album which takes me a while to get used to but this was great.
it sort of reminds me of deathconsciousness by have a nice life (let me remind you i gave it a 100). maybe its the vocals or the instrumentals but the ... read more
Jan 1, 2019
okay apart from enjoying ONLY 'tongue tied', this album was awful and i clearly did not enjoy it.
it was for sure a pain to just listen to the entire album. the vocals just drag on and there wasnt anything really interesting that popped out to me.
just boring really. nothing memorable.
however considering this has a relatively high user score im just assuming that this album is just not for me. so if youd like to give this a go, sure.

fav. tracks: tongue tied
least fav. tracks: basically ... read more
Dec 31, 2018
this album is so incredibly beautiful, sorta just gets the unused emotions swirling. it has the soulful, melancholic sort of vibe and it mixes in with the lyrics. hozier to me is an undoubtedly talented songwriter and i really feel like hes putting his heart and soul into this album.
i mean apart from this sorrowful feeling you get listening to his songs, its quite haunting as well in some songs, whether its the background vocals, instrumentals or lyrics.
but hey, im obviously not mad.
i love ... read more
Jan 20, 2019
hello my fellow idiot sandwich, i shake you warmly by the hand.

some useful information:
0-49: yeah, its not great
50-59: its a fine from me
60-69: okay, i see where youre going, cool
70-79: yeet, im digging it
80-89: hell yeah, this is a tune, would listen to many times
90-100: art
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