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Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign
Feb 14

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Bombay Bicycle Club - My Big Day
this is... nice to say the least.

bombay bicycle club is the band in my life. they've made me feel more than music has ever made me feel. these guys are gems in their genre and they're a band which never stops to innovate. hell, when the band went to india for idk what reason, the frontman of the band decided to make a song with instrmentals of indian origins that's actually amazing. they are a band that has no boundaries but their own, always exploring what sound they wanna try next. if it's ... read more

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edit: damn grammarly (again).
edit2: (5>0) there have been many... hit pieces regarding fantano's video for this album, even though it's been climbing up the charts more than it ever has the right to, and they've been in my feed one way or another. it's braindead takes from people who think they know better (i'm looking at you, xqc), are all fucking annoying, and have brought me here to give a final note to all you lovely ye fans who won't use a single brain cell in your lives. stop ... read more
YOASOBI - The Book
score: 52>71
(REDUX) #12 of re-reviews (redoing past albums’ reviews from way back when)

i think i went a bit too harsh on the duo... twice. funny how a few more j-pop releases take for me to finally see this album for what it is. NOT an album.

back when i re-reviewed the album last year, i stated that this “EP” is just another way to sell you the same music that they’ve released that was all originally singles. while i still stand by that statement, that ... read more

¥$ - Talking / Once Again
i don't even know what to make of this one. just another rap song that washes over like it was never there before and after it's played. and after the first single with the "i just fucked a jewish bitch" line off the last single... that's the title track for the new album, i'm just hoping this album is entertaining and not some waste of time for everyone's sake.
Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
i have decided to revisit coldplay’s first few albums that are in my library since coldplay is (or was. i can’t keep track oke) in singapore performing for their “music of the spheres” tour. my friend was there too, singing along to “yellow” in their instagram story. so after all of that, here i am, reviewing “a rush of blood to the head”. i swear i’ve reviewed this album before.

with me being at the age of 17, growing up with a radio in ... read more

Ice Spice - Think U The Shit (Fart)
guys!!!!!!!!! i think this could be SOTY!!!!!!!!!!!

even kendrick can't ever top "you not even the fart (grrah)" and that's FACTS 😤


Awesome, I'll review that when I can. Can't wait
I've always wanted to inspire someone in some way, but I never thought I would do it on this site. I'm glad I've been able to be an inspiration to you in order to analyze music, even if it is likely something in your life that is minor to you. Thank you so much for being awesome, and you are gonna do great things. Is there an album you want me to review?
Thanks 🙌🙌
Roseribose mentioned you, and thank you i’m glad so many people are enjoying it as well!
Hey Rawr! I'm currently creating what's known as a network graph or "Atlas" of AOTY, and someone mentioned YOU! :D To ensure the highest accuracy possible, as well as allow as many members to take part I'm asking all users mentioned if they'd like to take part as well! The following link will take you to a form if you do decide to take part: Hope you had/have an awesome day, and thank you in advance if you do decide to contribute to the Atlas!
ty!! You keep up the reviews as well, ur awesome! c:
My rating system is just based off of a tight set of values that work in my brain, for example if I gave an album a 9 I would give it either a 90, 93, or 97 depending on how I feel, its strange but it gets my ratings out the way I want them to be so :3 rating things loosely doesnt work for me because I change my opinions ever so slightly very frequently and it gets annoying changing albums by 1 point every day just because I feel like it, and ive found that this system helps me stay within one rating unless my opinion changes drastically :33
No problem! I saw your review and thought i’d give you a follow. I’ll probably have to update my MDL review tomorrow since it’s fairly outdated.
Happy New Year <3
Hi Rawr! I want to politely ask you to look at the list of my top 10 albums of the past year! I would really-really appreciate it, and if you do so, I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks and Happy New Year!!!

The List:

And also, thank you for supporting me, I really appreciate it!


most personally invested reviewer on AOTY :3
reviews everything possible :P
fuck one-liner reviews (except when the album sucks) >:(
mega MUSE and Bombay Bicycle Club fan :)
whatever i say, it's how i feel :D
not here for the likes, just wanna review
liked: music that defines me
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