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SidewaysSky -
Nearer My God gave this fresh, just-a-decade-old band a huge rise into Midwest Emo stardom. I could understand the praise for that record at the time as a bold, often quirky take on alternative rock and emo foundations. The new release, for the most part, is a more conventional turn on Foxing's sound, leaning closer to a radio-friendly alt-rock sound (ala Weezer). Unfortunately, I think this takes away more songwriting interest than their first album possessed. The production on this also has ... read more
SidewaysSky -
That "Chaining Tatum" bar doesn't sound all that bad in retrospect.
SidewaysSky -
Leprous' "tamest" album yet is a fun ride with loads of twists, turns, and quality pop-laced choruses. Like all of their previous projects (barring Bilateral to a degree), not all of their experiments turn out the way they probably should have. What matters is that the results are pleasing once again. Even better is that this feels like a more consistently great listen than Pitfalls (which kinda got carried by "The Sky is Red") despite this record's amazing highlights in ... read more
SidewaysSky -
Ambition can be one of an artist's most powerful tools. No matter how accomplished they are, no matter their existing legacy, there's always room for an artist to do something new, passionate, and/or exciting. Kanye West has accomplished all of these things with Donda despite his status as one of the most revered songwriters of the past 15 years. He truly has my fullest appreciation here. With that being said, this thing is a bloated mess that contains concepts with no progression other than ... read more
SidewaysSky -
Imagine Dragons continue their cycle of awfulness in yet another dud from a band I called my favorite nearly a decade ago. I will give a slight bit of credit here: the instrumentals have improved ever-so-slightly than whatever Origins was attempting. Most of the album sounds like an often tame mixture of Evolve and Smoke and Mirrors, which can bring out a rare, satisfying rock edge. But the lyrics? Absolutely horrid, to the point of offensive. Never have Imagine Dragons sounded so sickeningly ... read more


Sep 11, 2021
Hey Mate,
Just wondering if you were able to contribute to a list by @CamDoesMusic and @truthfulreviews based upon your 10 favourite 90's albums. This would work through you messaging myself a list from 1 being the best and 10th being the 10th best album you have listened to from the 90's. If you are able to contribute with a quote summarising the particular album as well that would be awesome! Your information delivered to us will be used to create a list named "AOTY Users Favourite 90's Albums".
Sep 8, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Jul 9, 2021
that's what's up! I actually did a Drosophila lab last year. Is it for a Genetics course perhaps? And I'm actually taking the summer off for a much needed break from university and then I'm gearing up to start a student teaching program in August and also take some more Physics courses.
Jul 8, 2021
ayy what up gang
Jun 21, 2021
@SidewaysSky - Thanks for the follow! Your alias reminds me that one of my nine nines gave up the ghost out in the hot, hot, midday summer solarization. Alone, on the scorching earth. Dehydrating [because I'm a dumb ass] and just laying there staring at the [now] sideway sky watching as the ghost no. 7 left my body. Pretty cool, no? - @daFigz™
Jun 19, 2021
ok Thanks for responding :)
Jun 19, 2021
i'm very impressed how fast you type
Jun 19, 2021
Your pfp is beautiful
Jun 19, 2021
good luck
Jun 18, 2021
welcome to the site!!!


I: Obviously love music, major in biochemistry at university, play drums for a hobby, will pick up the piano someday, will get into a workout routine at some point, stay indoors pretty often yet love the outdoors when in the mood for it, play select video games, sometimes delve into puzzle books and collect them, and need to go to more concerts. The end (maybe).

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