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I mean it's the peak of the whole ghetto house lineage, obviously, but is there more to this release than meets the ears? DJ Rashad was always a name in the juke subgenre of the Chicago booty house scene, and he would later further his approach and become a major figurehead in footwork as well, before his untimely death in 2014. While many cite his full-length effort Double Cup as his magnum opus (and for good reason), I find myself returning to this three-track single far more frequently, and ... read more
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Alright so what we have here is a post-industrial post-internet behemoth that is abrasive and glitchy and features shouted rap-inspired vocals. In other words, it's the kind of music that most invites comparisons to Death Grips. But the thing with Death Grips is they are, and long have been, a groove act, or a group that takes its deepest cues in either establishing or breaking from a minimal pattern (and no, this whole review is not going to discuss why Prison Religion is or is not like Death ... read more
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This is Sparks' most important album, which is saying a good bit! Before this they were making bold music for sure, but it was always part of a wider trend they were trying to fit with, whether that was early-70's studio-pop, mid-70's glam rock, late 70's and 80's electro-disco and synthpop, or 90's eurodance. And then they made this, seemingly a statement of frustration at having a decades-long career in music and a legacy of being one-or-two-hit wonders to show for it. With Lil' Beethoven, ... read more
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The Books were probably one of the smartest bands ever. I don't mean that lightly; they took sound collage and folk music and somehow put them together in a wholly natural way that hasn't been done exactly as well before or since. If I had to take a stab at naming influences I might say: Raymond Scott, Negativland, John Fahey, Jim O'Rourke, East Asian classical music, Ground Zero, Hildegard Westerkamp, Björk. Even then I don't feel all the bases are covered, and I'm okay with that. I think ... read more
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Deliriously depraved, this two-disc, two-hour-plus epic from the surrealist Phoenix underground legends may not be their most all-encompassing release as far as capturing their expansive sound, but it sure comes close. Charles Gocher and the Bishop brothers take the listener on a voyage through hell by way of mutilation, infanticide, and all other sorts of wrong, violent ideas, accompanied by inventive acoustic instrumentation that's fittingly hellish. They sound possessed on this album, and ... read more
May 23, 2020
Hey, nice taste! Where did you get that awesome avatar from?
i apologize if i come off as standoffish or pretentious or whatever you wanna call it.

i rate on a balanced 21-point scale. 0 is beyond horrible and i hope i never have to use it. 100 is beyond wonderful and i hope i use it often. i default to the 5's but the 10's are good for weighing things one way or the other.

trans leftist, aspiring musician, probably too contrarian for most.
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