Yo fuck you, @thomasny18, first and foremost For making me do this shit. Muh'fucker BTW this is only one of these types of lists I'm doing for an AOTY user, I just found it funny that he ...
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Every Album Fantano has given a numerical score (NOT GOODs don't count) Based on how high the critic rating is. If there's a tie, whatever album with more ratings wins. If it's STILL a tie, ...
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Albums where Anthony Fantano is THE ONLY critic review (Because what else am I going to do with this info.) I'm using the same system I used in the big Fantano list. BTW. I'm not saying Fantano ...
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I don't go to many concerts, but the few ones I do go to... Ranked by how good the performance was.
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Music that is best enjoyed by taking your braincell count all the way down to 0
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Another series by Todd in the Shadows I thought I'd catalog
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Albums that nobody on the site can seem to get an opinion on
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Albums where you have to have a PHD or something to understand. 2 High IQ for me.
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These are my more "controversial opinions" and I just wanted to share why I feel this way.
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Look at those colors go Credit to: https://letterboxd.com/theslayerbuffy/list/color/ for giving me the idea
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A list of an album from every country in the world. Please don't yell about what countries I add. If I add one you believe doesn't exist, don't talk about it here. I just want to share music! Oh! ...
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I love Weird Al, I Grew up on Weird Al. Here is his legacy.
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Because Why Not! (If you know any better artists to add, please tell me)
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Real rap is back to end this Mumble (C)rap!
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You think actors making music is bad? Wait till you hear about youtubers making music! (Note: I define "Youtube music" as either A: A type of music made to cash in on a specific market ...
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I asked a bunch of people on this website what their favorite album is and then I put it in a list. If you want to be added just comment what your favorite album is in the comments of this ...
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One of my favorite music reviews on youtube (Todd in the Shadows) has a series called "One Hit Wonderland" where he looks at one hit wonders' song. These are the albums these songs are ...
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