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Vinyl Quest #12

Album: Broadcast by Styx

Information I could find: Cutting Crew is an English band. They're the ones that made (I Just) Died in Your Arms. They have 12 people in their band for some unexplainable reasoning.

Reason I Bought it: Ummm, I think it was on sale when I bought it with Back In Black. Now this album is actually decent so that automatically makes it better than Back in Black, but still. It's ... read more
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9Hit Days

""Irish"" rap group House of Pain make a fun rap album.

...ok that's the end of the review you can go home now.

Yeah, despite my 76 score I have very little to say about this album, as it's essentially Jump Around copy and pasted 17 times. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Jump Around is one of the most memorible rap songs for a reason. Every word just gets into your brain like a worm and just eats it out like a cop at a Dunkin' Donut shop sho nuff I ... read more
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Genre: Avant-Folk

Does anyone else think Richard Dawson looks a bit like an older Elitimesfour?

Damn Richard, ok! You're really going to make one of the most unique folk albums ever made full of great midevil sounds, 70s throwbacks, and eclectic production? ...ok man good on you dude have fun with that!

Like the weird, freaky cousin of Joanne Newsome, Peasant stands as a testimony to how art evolves. Where even a genre that seems to have potential reached the peak of experments like folk ... read more
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8Hit Days

Don't care, to busy grooving. To busy moving. To much swag entering my body. Very funny hippie man saves the universe using the power of scat and eurobeat. A better concept album than Soundtracks for the Blind!

Is this album silly and ridiculous and very dated, oh incredibly. Does it really matter? Not really. It's Scatman. You enter this album expecting this funny man to say "ba no bay bapapitybabobay." You want to hang out with the charming John Larkin. And it works ... read more
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Positives about this album: The way it's recorded makes it sound like you're in the haul of a ship, giving this claustrophobic feeling as you here this old man talk.

Negatives: That's the exact opposite vibe this man wanted so it's just you with an uncomfortable feeling watching this old man with a credit voice make jokes for 14 minutes where nobody laughs and then sing a song with zero instruments and 100 milligrams of echo.

So it makes since that Doodle Girls was chosen as the credits ... read more
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Maybe I should learn to be less salty ya know? I went into this like *groaaaaaan* this is gonna suck! I hated the singles! Prepare for some awesome hot takes 🌢️πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😎 I'm gonna piss everyone off like a badass!!!

And then these fucking monkeys did it, they made a great album. To the point I thought "wait...why don't I like the Gorillaz?" And I couldn't come up with a single answer. So you know what... I like the Gorillaz. They're a good band. I don't know why I even ... read more
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Track 1: WHOOOO
Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin' Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin' Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin' Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin' Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'

Track 2: Pegasus Coming
Watching ... read more
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7Hit Days:

Damn, that's a fun album. Like obviously this is the funny "ha ha Australian" album but I feel there's more to this then just funy "saxophone and Vegamite song." I think this is the perfect combination of 80s New Wave tropes that were festering out in the UK and finally reaching a peak here. Expecially stuff like XTC and The The, it all gets filtered through this Pop and Ska sound and BOOM! ISSA CLASSIC!

I'm a sucker for some brass and this album being 80% ... read more
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Fix your goddamn covers man. Like is it that hard to make a square? You can't just Photoshop the joker into a square image? Also did you just straight up steal this cover. Because it's by an artist named "Nick Sullo" and I don't see you credit him anywhere so I have to imagine you just stole it. That's not cool dude art theft is a shitty thing to do. So as a cover this gets a 0/100 because it isn't yours.

But I'm rating the music and not the cover and assuming you didn't steal the ... read more
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A letter to whoever made this, reccomed this to me, streaming service that has this, the concept of music, and myself. I will kill you all in a random order due to whatever this is. All of you are responsible somehow for the greatest evil that mankind has ever witnessed, and I will vanquish you all.

Hey you know what guys? It's been fun. It's been a fun time but I think I may have found it. After man long years and many sleepless nights, we have found it. The worst rap album ever made. Worse ... read more
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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

I just don't know I'm sorry. It's a good length, it's all very competent, I just...I just don't feel any emotion listening to this.

Maybe that makes me a metal sociopath but I just think that this very sludgy, very slow kinda metal. I just don't like it. In sure this is going to sound insane but loud and intense metal music puts me at ease more than this kinda "symphonic metal ballad" type. Because when it's noisy it's a constant wall of noise to ... read more
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4hit Days:

My fellow colleagues are right about one thing. This album is very 90s. Criminally 90s. Men in Black end Credits Wild West Dunkaroo commerical 90s. It even has the hip hop synthline that was in every single rap song. And I mean....I've never heard a New Jack Swing song I didn't like.

Of course the highlight is Return of the Mack, a song that is made exclusively for listening in the car with your Dad after the two of you went to Ihop at 11pm. But all the other songs have the same ... read more
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3Hit Days:

Well, this may just be the greatest thing...ever.

Swedish Kero Keto Bonito is TECHNICALLY a one hit wonder but the Cardigans fanbase is a passionate one. Like you diss the Cardigans and I'll cut you ya know.

And re-visiting this album under the guise that "it's an album by the Lovefool guys " was the exact wrong way to see it. I should have said "this is one of the smartest and most detailed pop albums ever made. The kind that defines music for centuries to ... read more
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I hate my existance. Every single day I wake up screaming at the top of my lungs in pain of the fact that I will have to return to this reality, and stare into the face of nothingness. Only to uncover the fact that what I thought was pure void, was actually a mirror, gazing back at me. Taunting me for ever think I was above pain, above fear. Believing I unlocked the secrets to life I fall down into deeper pits of sorrow until there is nothing left except the eventual cold hands of death to ... read more
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2Hit Days:

From a "Ranking One Hit Wonders" list I have:
"Isn't Flagpole Sitta supposed to be mocking this pretentious schlock? I just don't see why you would want to make music that sounds this boring and tame."

Ah... Don't you just love it when you're wrong.

What the hell was I on about when I first heard this, this is some pristine 90s Alt-Rock. Like, Pavement or R.E.M. good. Of course we have Flagpole Sitta which everybody loves, but Private Helicopter, Carlotta ... read more
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1hit Days:

Welcome to AOTD season 5, as you can probably tell the theme is one hit wonders. (Please don't tell me if you agree with what the albums selected are or not. I don't care if you think they're not a 1 hit wonder.) Besides I think it's important. So many "1 hit wonders" are just cast aside because they're not taken seriously rather than engaging with and analyzing their work. And that's not fair, they had to have had more relevance outside of JUST that one song...right. ... read more
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Edit: Tomfoolery and Hi-jinks aside, this finally released slasher soundtrack is just great. Die to its romantic nature, it starts off really nice and pretty. With big lush canadian orchestral melodies of love. But then those same violins SNAP and go all spooky. Plus it does the thing all horror movie soundtracks do where it speeds up before ending with a loud noise.

Nobody does it better than the Creepshow soundtrack ... read more
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You're walking along the street when a bright blue van rolls up next to you and two pairs of hands grab you and stuff you inside. The duo is wearing clown masks and tattered clothing. They bind you up with rope and duck tape, throw you in the back, and then start to scream and mock you. But human voices don't come out of their mouths, instead it's otherworldly shreaks that sound like saxophone riffs and percussion.

Also they stop at a McDonald's and get a Travis Scott Burger.

Clown Core, a ... read more
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Genre: Art Rock

How the hell did this completly unknown band get a must here? *Slams keyboard* ah it's Pulp. I like Pulp!

These lyrics sound like if Bob Dylan was a teenage girl. Talking about being born a harmony in a world of melodies πŸ˜” and tapping his toes with the devil πŸ”—πŸ₯€πŸ”ͺ🩸.

Regardless, even ignoring the VERY 90s style sound of this album you still have your standout moments. Such as the last two minutes of "Am I Missing Something" which is just....goddamn ... read more
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Genre: Art Punk

The first song on this was straight up just a David Byrne song. Like no changes, no nothing, just doing the David Byrne sound. And I was worried this would just be a Talking Heads Greta Van Fleet, but by the time "Texas Drums" happened, yeah I was in a vibe.

The influences are so obvious here, they even do that indie guitar sound on "Hot Like Jungle." But ya know there's some fun twists on the album. Texas Drums, as mentioned is a really fun album with a ... read more
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