Aug 18, 2019
Finally! A Really good one! Not only was the flow and beat good but it's finally some good punchlines. Like "don't go throwing C4 on the Seafloor!"
Aug 17, 2019
Listened to this while doing the SJO. It was Ight. First song was obviously the best one so it makes the rest kinda disappointing,
Aug 17, 2019*
Before I post this, I want to say thanks to a few people. Obviously KIDSWITHGUNs and Inglume. You Two Crazy Sons of bitches. You guys are so great. The fact that we somehow managed to this blows my mind. Also the Madvillainy/Pinata discord. We truly are the puppet masters on this site. Rakksmells, A Creativename, Thomasny18, and Oreox4. Oh and the fucking music bot. I’ve never felt more proud to use this site than I do now. It’s an amazing place. And finally, thank you AOTY. Before ... read more
Aug 17, 2019
Number: 49

I really liked it when their was vocals, without vocals a lot of it just felt…empty. Like Portishead but not as good. That’s not to say there isn’t some good tracks with a lot of character like the calming “Teardrop” and the chilling “Black Milk.” But over all I wasn’t ever impressed. It felt like it was atmospheric without ever choosing to develop an atmosphere.
Aug 17, 2019
Number: 48

This came out in 2018? I could have sworn while I was listening that it was a “classic album.” The album has a really great old feel to it. While it times it can get kinda….bad (Like the 8 minute Jam 1.) It has some great energy to it that is sure to make you mellow out and relax. Like a walk around the lake. At worst it feels like Spa music, but at best it feels like really energetic and fun spa music.
Aug 17, 2019
Number: 87

Hey kids! Do you want to listen to an album about how you’re a dumbass who’s always on the phone, and the Instagrams, and is just soooooo dumb! All while the person “singing” never gets rid of their sarcastic monotone expression? You don’t? Don’t listen to this then! Dude, chill out man. I agree with some of the stuff you’re saying, but why are you yelling at ME? It’s like he’s angry about the fact I’m listening to his ... read more
Aug 17, 2019
Number: 86

One of Weird Al’s best. Not only does this have White and Nerdy and Trapped in the Drive thru, it has great originals like Virus Alert and Don’t Download This Song. Plus, his all time best polka. Sure it has some duds like Pancreas and Confessions Pt. III, but overall some of his best. Al records are really hard to rate for me because, you don’t really “listen” to them. You’ll just get a random craving for one specific parody at some point and boy ... read more
Aug 17, 2019
Number: 45

Gang of Four? More like GANG OF BORE! Idk, I recognized…something here but it never clicked with me. It just felt like all potential was locked away by the prison of punk cliches.
Aug 17, 2019
Number: 44

I love how this album feels like it’s always building musically. Like you’re running up a set of stairs. I even got a Joy Division type feel for a couple of these tracks. It’s nice even if there’s some pretty bad part like the rapping on “Ghost Song.” There is some great moments though, like Struggling Attacker.
Aug 17, 2019
Number: 43

This is the only album that I turned OFF halfway through. So if there’s a song that says “ Ha Ha Toaster Queen is gone, now we can actually be hallway decent!” I wouldn’t know. Do I need to explain to you why this sucks? It’s”Insane Clown Posse.” The review is in the name.

I’d rather drink Faygo flavored bleach.
Aug 17, 2019
Number: 42

Cracker Barrel vibes. This is just a nice little record about fun old dude things. Things like Traveling, Loving Wives, Making sure your friends are alive, watching Fox News. Don’t know if I would describe it as a “Fantastic Expedition” but it’s a nice and simple country album. Makes you wanna pop open a big ol’ can of beans and dive right in.
Aug 17, 2019
Number: 41

WOAH, OH MY! The Zombies walks right up to The Beatles and The Beach Boys, asks “Can I join?” and makes a case for it! Right off the bat with the energetic and sweet “Care Of Cell 44,” the mystical “Changes,” and finishes it off with the amazing “Time Of The Season.” Honestly I could describe every song on this album. It puts it’s foot right into the ground and proclaims “Let me a classic!”
Aug 17, 2019
Number 40

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Aug 17, 2019
Number: 39

I love me some Mingus. I haven't heard anything from him I didn’t like. Admittedly, the 4th song is a little stale. But my man supports this with the amazing song that is “A Foggy Day.” The way he makes the instruments sound like cars! Damn Mingus, you did it again!
Aug 17, 2019
Number: 38

Now this is some high tech stuff. Eerie while still giving off a danceable vibe and extremely maximest all the way around. And it’s about worshiping a computer god or some crazy shit. I love it. It’s like the musical equivalent of climbing a mountain. Taxing at times, but extremely rewarding.
Aug 17, 2019
Number 37:

Simon and Garfunkel sing about mushrooms and fairies or some shit idk. This type of music is meant to create a whimsical and nostalgic feel rather than have that much substance. Like “America” sounds like it’s an epic story but it’s just about planning a vacation. But, it’s nice. It’s Scientifically designed to be nice. It was grown inside a niceness lab to generate an “Aww, that’s cute.” From whoever looks at it.
Aug 17, 2019
Number 36

Don’t be fooled by the stupid band name, this is great. Top Notch production, amazing rapping, Fire by Arthur Brown. Honestly don’t really have to many words here. It’s like The Avalanches in that it’ a 100% Polished surface. Not a flaw in sight, but nothing you can really grip on to. It’s just way really really good. Band name still dumb.
Aug 17, 2019
Number: 35

The second Nico started singing it was like she ran up and punched me in the gut to release all my energy so she could send my soul out of my body. This shit SHATTERED me. Gone is the Nico from the banana album who sings over a tambourine, all that’s left is a goddess of death leading the masses to their fate. If Deafheaven is what you hear when the world catches on fire and burns us all to death, this is what you hear when the world grows cold and we all freeze to death. I ... read more
Aug 17, 2019
Number: 34

This reminded me of my Grandma. But like….younger? Idk, I got my grandma vibes from this. This is most definitely stadium rock but it’s a great version. The Fleetwood Mac- like sound is on fully blast, expecially on “Crazy On You” where it was similar I’m surprised Stevie didn’t sue. But there's enough setting this apart from Fleetwood Mac that it makes it it’s own thing. Like great songwriting and nice ballads. It’s light and fluffy. ... read more
Aug 17, 2019
Number 33:

Hot Take time: this sucks. The STOOGIES (that’s what I call them) create such a boring sounding album topped off with Iggy Pop’s whiney voice, and you have something that, just isn’t for me. IDK, I should probably listen to this again, but as for now, no thank you!
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