AOTY 2023
Quavo - Shooters Inside My Crib
A contemplative commentary of the modern celebrity, Shooters Inside My Crib is a depressive deconstruction of the concept of friendship. Renowned for his captivating vocal performances, relentless trap flow, and multi-layered lyricism, Shooters is performed by the one-and-only Lord Quavious, who lays down a heart-wrenching performance that will surely go down as one of the decade's best. Backed by the most elegant of piano work, Quavious crafts impeccable hooks left and right, pouring his heart ... read more
Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow - INDUSTRY BABY
Whoever giving this lower than a 70 either straight or stupid
I want Joba to yell at me
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"had to get on the singles account to congratulate this w"

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