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Ed Sheeran
Sep 24

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Drake - For All The Dogs
Dammit, Drake... I thought we were done with this shit. Back-to-back releases that clocked in at 45 minutes to an hour and contained about 15 tracks. It was magical. It was perfect. And they weren't bad to boot. Her Loss has plenty of bangers and was probably the most cohesive Drake project in, like, 30 minutes. And Honestly, Nevermind... is a discussion for a whole nother day. Regardless, I thought I was in the clear. No more 20+ goddamn song, 80+ goddamn minute, kind of really boring goddamn ... read more
Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift
Figured I'd finally hop on here and take a look at some old classics. And, in honor of the release of the Eras Tour concert film this weekend, what better place to start than the debut record of the world's greatest living pop star: Taylor Alison Swift. Coincidentally, both her first album and the only album with no dedicated section on said tour. I'm sure that bodes well.

Conveniently enough, we actually begin both the album and her career in the same place. Tim McGraw was the first taste ... read more

Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS
Olivia, Olivia, Olivia... where to even begin. Brief explanation of my personal history with Olivia Rodrigo, I absolutely fell in love with drivers license back in early 2021, just as most of America did. Then deja vu came out and was not only better... but also quite literally one of my favorite songs of the 2020s so far period. I know, I have real high class tastes. And then good 4 u was a goddamn blast, bringing so much mid-2000s Paramore energy that it is basically a Paramore song... all ... read more
Doja Cat - Scarlet
We all know Doja Cat did herself a disservice. We all know she scorched earth the shit out of her fanbase for... clout? I'm still not really sure what that was all about. What we didn't know is how capable she is of making something so... boring. Let's clear the air a bit, I am one of those people who was a open and honest Doja Cat fan and I, openly and honestly, still find her to be one of the most creative and interesting pop stars out there. And, yes, Ms. Cat, I did refer to you as a pop ... read more
Larry June & The Alchemist - The Great Escape
The Alchemist is one of the greatest hip-hop producers of his generation, no question. But you ever notice how he seems to like working with some of the sleepiest sounding rappers in the industry. That's no slight on Earl Sweatshirt or even Larry June here, but... damn. The Great Escape features pretty much exactly what you'd expect with calm and cool flows over smooth alternative hip-hop production. Turkish Cotton's a vibe of an intro, but it is outshined by the more immediately enticing 89 ... read more


Hey there babes and babettes. You ever want to meet someone and they then turn out to be Kanye West and they just go on and on about how cool Hitler was and you just want to leave and never speak of the night again? Well, you're in luck because that situation will never happen on my page. I just wanna listen to some music and then get on with my life. I love you all more than my very own children.

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