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A lot of people think I'm just another trap rapper, but they don't understand the passion I have for music. So I've created this account to express my joy for music. I'm pretty new at this, so you guys are gonna have to cut me some slack. If it scores me any cred, me and Gira did once have a orgy to a mashup of Oxygen and Just Happened.
Yellowest Flannel In The Room
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Rating System: 100 = Flawless Albums 95-99 = Masterpieces 90-94 = Incredible Albums 85-89 = Great Albums 80-84 = Very Good Albums 70-79 = Good/Enjoyable Albums 60-69 = Decent Albums 50-59 = Ok Albums (Indifferent) 40-49 = Mostly Bad Albums 30-39 = Bad Albums 20-29 = Terrible Albums 10-19 = Shit Albums 0-9 = Literally The Worst Thing Ever Singles account: Vinyl Collection in Library
Mars 2027
🇬🇳-🇫🇷 Mathieux (Math) ~ French 21-year-old music lover with Guinean origin, jazz pianist, art school student, album cover designer, Ryuichi Sakamoto's biggest fan. This account allows me to improve my English, sorry for grammar mistakes. :)
we roam tundras
Abstract hip-hop, vaporwave and hypnagogic music fan. Rating system is as follows: 100: 9s with more emotional connection. 90: An excellent project which I consider the best of its genre and the peak of an artist. 80: A record I can listen to the whole way through without any skips. 70: Great highlights mixed with some minor sub-par tracks, however still great. 60: Fewer highlights however poses unique and/or interesting instrumentation. 50: Interesting instrumentation, however no highlights.

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