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This is an album that feels like a purposeful underlining of her recent successes.
Mackenzie Scott’s sixth album delivers proficient synth-rock but lacks the commanding power of her previous work.
On her best album to date, the Chicago-based project of Ella Williams leans harder than ever into an explosive rock sound.
The Raleigh band’s sophomore effort is ambitious and melodic despite the darkness in its songwriting.
The pop star’s debut album is melodramatic, zany and relishes in poor taste.
On her stirring and orchestral seventh album, Mitski blazes a glorious new trail and sounds freer than ever.

By no means has Speedy Ortiz ever been a hopeless band, but Rabbit Rabbit signifies the growth they’ve undergone—that the record they’ve made after spending years chipping away at the idea that things can improve.

The Brooklyn band’s fourth album sees El Kempner exposing their most tender emotions while embracing them.

Bully’s new album, Lucky For You, is her finest work to date. Never before has Bognanno crafted a record so consistently captivating, able to fire on all cylinders even in its quieter moments.

On her stellar fifth album, the English pop icon doubles down on disco.
The irreverent hyperpop duo’s sophomore album leans hard on big riffs and baffling choices.

Polachek's sophomore effort centers on a need for closeness while pushing her sound into the stratosphere.

The enigmatic Philadelphia musician takes inspiration from melodic radio rock on his surprising, gorgeous new album.
The Nashville indie-rock group’s Oneohtrix Point Never-produced third album is their most creative work to date, and sacrifices none of their signature sound.
The indie-folk artist’s new album finds her elevating her sound while sacrificing none of its power.

CRASH is Charli’s first explicit passion project, and as with many such efforts, quality is sometimes sacrificed in favor of fulfilling a vision. It’s not her discography’s lowest point, but it is her first misstep.


If For the first time documented their beginnings, Ants From Up There is an obvious point of departure.

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