Nas - Illmatic
Feb 26

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Ackbae -
Abstract is a term that's been attached to many things in many mediums, whether it be in music, films or in another form. But to this day, I will still hold Black Up as the most abstract experience I've ever had, and one that I will endlessly love and be able to come back to due to its seemingly infinite nature, leaving you with a completely different feeling every time you adventure through the listening. THIS is abstract, this is what it means to not have something solid to hold upon and to ... read more

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Ackbae -
I literally need to say nothing.

It's Illmatic.

Favourite Song: N.Y. State of Mind

Best: Life's a Bitch, The World Is Yours, Halftime, Memory Lane, One Love, Represent, It Ain't Hard To Tell

Worst: One Time 4 Your Mind
Ackbae -
Acid Rap is the drugged up mixtape that rocket launched Chance's career, and to me I think I prefer this as an overall album more than Colouring Book. I think I prefer Colouring Book's individual songs more but Acid Rap just feels more cohesive, lively and individualistic with Chance's unique style that mixes together drugs, gospel, jazz, drugs, rap, hip hop and more drugs.

I genuinely don't think I've ever heard an artists adlib being used this much in an overall album, but I've grown ... read more
Ackbae -
Blonde. Everything has been said already about this album, so I guess I'll just add on to the praising of it. It's dreamy, soft, yet at times chaotic, emotional and splattered with Frank's spontaneous nature. I will admit though, I'm much more of a Channel Orange guy myself, but that's not to say that Blonde isn't a great album.

One thing that I will admit is that I don't think the album hit me as hard emotionally as many others feel like it's done for them. Some of the more emotional and ... read more
Ackbae -
The infamous Mr Ocean's journey into claiming the hearts of everyone started most prominently with Channel Orange, an album that has stood the test of time and has proved to be one of the greatest R&B projects possibly of all time. I hold a soft spot for this album as one of the first non directly rap or hip hop albums I ever listened to. Although I've definitely overplayed this thing way too much, I still find myself loving it.

The theme of love drives Channel Orange, and it drives it ... read more
Ackbae -
Coloring Book is a wonderful little mixtape that takes you through a blissful and simple experience. Chance knows exactly how to lift spirits with wonderful beats and nice vocals that results in a tape that is simply heavenly. Unfortunately, when Chance incorporates a few messy and horrifically generic rap tracks, it ruins the vibe that has been set up so carefully.

Positivity drives the entire track list, with No problem, Angels and All Night keeping an extremely bouncy and hyper mood. But ... read more
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