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Jeff Rosenstock - HELLMODE
I fell in love with Jeff Rosenstock's album "WORRY." back in 2019 or 2020 and just thought that it was a wonderfully emotional and sincere collection of tracks in a genre that usually falls flat on its face with its sincerity; yet, afterwards, I didn't really pay much attention to his work, for whatever reason. I tried a couple of tracks here and there and actually listened to like half of the Ska album that he did, but never got into him much past the aforementioned album. Now, three ... read more
Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We
I'm glad this time that we could all agree on this being an exceptional album, even for Mitski standards. I was a staunch defender of her last project "Laurel Hell", an LP which many found to be lackluster and disappointing, and while I'm still in the camp that argues for the album being rather good, I must say that it hasn't really left much of a mark on me after the time since it first came out. It's Synth-Pop and New Wave sensibilities were an interesting (dare I say exciting) step ... read more
Adrianne Lenker - songs
My impressions of Big Thief were rarely very noteworthy ones, to be honest. I always saw them as very sweet, charming and warm indie folk musicians, the type of music that is lofty on the ears, but never really enters your brain on an artistically impressive level. Yet, oh, was I wrong. Of course, this is vocalist Adrianne Lenker's solo album, not one of Big Thief, but in the latter half of this summer I sort of discovered both her and her band's work for myself, finally accessing the deeper ... read more
The Postal Service - Give Up
For some reason, this album never gets tiring. The first time I listened to it a couple of months ago, I thought the album was very pretty, emotional and even darkly sweet to some extent, but I felt as though it was rather shallow in terms of actual content, just sounding good and having good lyrics and not being much more than that. To some extent, it's not more than that. There was never a moment in my subsequent listens where I felt as though I had a revelation about the lyrics or ... read more
William Basinski - Variations: A Movement in Chrome Primitive
Despite never having been a massive Basinski enjoyer, the minimalism on this album just sort of works for me. Maybe it's because I approached this one a bit differently than his Disintegration Loops or Melancholia but it just sort of clicked with me this time. Despite being very gloomy and dark, its textures are some of his most vivid yet. It's also, interestingly enough, very relistenable despite its lack of much variation (no pun intended).


i rly like ur reviews :)
Great review of Yeti by Amon Düül II.


I can't stand listening to bad music, that's why my rating distribution is so positively-oriented.

Sometimes music lets me feel enough emotions to cope with my lack of emotional connection with other people.

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