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Andre58 -
This man seriously didn't release anything for 20 years then dropped 20 albums in one day. That gotta be a world record or something. The music itself is still pretty good though. The songs on this one aren't anything great or special, but there are some cool tracks with chill vibes and decent lyrics. The production is pretty good as well, which was all self-produced.

Dress 2 Impress - 6
For President - 7
Sittin' on Top - 6,5
Black Excellence - 6,5
Sky Is the Limit - 6,5
My Everyday ... read more
Andre58 -
"Bobby Tarantino III" by Logic is a decent mixtape and better than I expected. Following some mediocre singles like "Vaccine" and "My Way", Logic dropped the third installment of his Bobby Tarantino series. As someone who likes Logic, I was still not expecting much from this project, as it seems to have been made in a short time mostly for him to get out of his contract with Def Jam.

After hearing those disappointing singles and seeing negative ratings I had the ... read more
Andre58 -
Chattanooga rapper Nigil Lee released the third and final installment to his ”journey” series, an 8 track EP titled ”The Art of Letting Go. The energy on the first songs quickly impressed me and made me immediately want to hear more, and the rest of the project did not disappoint. Nigil shows off his versatility throughout the project with both rapping and singing over fun and uplifting beats.

Nigil is an underground rapper with obvious christrian influences and you could ... read more
Andre58 -
Snoop Dogg's 18th studio album "From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suits" is a decent project, that is better than a lot of his recent work. Snoop Dogg is a rapper we all know, but might not keep up with his newer music, even though he releases a new project around every other year. That's because of the inconsistencies in his discography. But this project, as well as his 2017 record "Neva Left" are standouts within his last 6 releases, with Bush from 2016, being the only better album ... read more
Andre58 -
Benny The Butcher's sequel to "The Plugs I Met" with producer Harry Fraud is not as great as the first one, but still a very solid project. The Plugs I Met 2 includes features from 2 Chainz, Jim Jones, French Montana, Rick Hyde, Chinx and Fat Joe. These were weaker features than the previous album but still has a decent input from all of them so Benny wasn't outshined and was able to carry the project. Benny matches the energy of Harry Fraud's instrumentals perfectly. The project is ... read more


Jan 1, 2022
I don't really see why it matters. This is a music rating website for sharing opinions after all, and I just share my honest opinions and listen to whatever interests me. Also, if I didn't rate popular albums, I'd be asked why and receive questions about my opinions on them (as this has happened before) so it is much easier to just rate them.
Jan 1, 2022
Well, I don't already know that I won't like it. I actually enjoy quite a bit of mainstream music & art in general, just not as much as most people. Plus, I find it enjoyable to critique art, so even if I don't like it, it is often a rewarding experience for me :)
Dec 5, 2021
I wish they artists would just released these reissues as separate projects or at least be more clear. That will never happen though because they want the streams, it’s easier to get all the songs on one tape then have to go back and forth.
Dec 4, 2021
I think polo g “hall of fame 2.0” is a reissue like all the other deluxes with the bee tracks going first. He has the original tracks on the project,..ex: slime language 2, shake the snow globe, he voice, etc
Nov 25, 2021
Jag lyssnade på föder nåt nytt igen för inte så länge sen, och om jag ska vara helt ärlig så förändrades min åsikt inte alls. Skivan är väldigt enformig och alldeles för lång för vad den försöker göra.
Nov 7, 2021
I've been meaning to give RJ Payne another try. Good look.
Nov 1, 2021
no ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍
Oct 19, 2021
id rather be real then nice
Oct 14, 2021
Nope, still not a fan of griselda, besides benny
Oct 11, 2021
no why would i?


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