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 - Psychagogue
Never know exactly what you're going to get with a new Krallice record and this one was equally surprising, but just because it's absolutely fantastic. I really liked the record released earlier in the year, but wow this one is even better. While it still maintains the signature mind-bending black metal identity, a lot of this record feels melodic and easier to digest. It's almost accessible at points and delivers on an extremely listenable and enjoyable record. The atmosphere is so spacey and ... read more
 - In Absentia
A progressive rock classic that absolutely deserves all the praise it gets. In my opinion the first of their records that successfully blended accessible music with their early brand of psychedelic rock. This record even borders on metal at times, providing a little bit of something for everyone. Filled with some of their most popular tracks in "Trains" and "Blackest Eyes" and their most dark and depressing in "Heartattack..." and "Collapse...", this ... read more
 - Satyricon & Munch
Released as a companion soundtrack to an Edvard Munch art exhibit, this is a nearly hour long instrumental ambient record. For the most part it works well for what it sets out to do. But at times I feel that it lacks a bit of cohesion. I think parts of this are made for separate pieces of the exhibit, because certain themes or melodies will repeat for a while then never come back. It's actually in these moments that I hear real Satyricon, with guitar riffs that definitely sound like the more ... read more
 - False Light
White Ward just continue to impress. With a very unique style of black metal that borders on blackgaze while incorporating synthwave and jazz, this band is on track to become one of the heavy hitters in the genre. Everything is well put together and works on every level. Some parts of songs are more restrained with saxophone passages, while others feel closer to a modern darkwave electronic act. The black metal moments kick in and are extreme and moving, even including some great guitar ... read more
 - Adumbration of the Veiled Logos
I always try to check out new releases from Norma Evangelium Diaboli because sometimes you get absolute gems out of nowhere like this. This record is atmospheric black/death metal with touches of dissonance and surprisingly clear production. It's just all executed with absolute perfection. These tracks are long, but flow through themselves with interesting passages, droning textures, and relentless aggression. Haunting and ugly, but with beautiful riffing at times. Definitely one of my top ... read more


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One of the weirdest metal bands to come out of Norway featuring plenty of amazing musicians from the whole scene.
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One of the current longest running technical metalcore turned progressive metal giants who also remain one of the most consistent. Not a weak record in their catalogue.
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One of the most consistent and ahead of the curve death metal bands of all time. Even their weakest material blows most other death metal out of the water.
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