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Orthodox - Learning to Dissolve
Local Nashville heroes are back with their third effort. The eerie nu-metal dread that was present in their previous discography is still to be found and is very effective this time around as well. I believe that they did it better with the concepts presented on Let It Take Its Course, but that's beside the point. This record is extremely solid and each track has its own unique frenetic riffage to offer and catchy breakdown. Even the interlude track, 11762, has its place in the flow of the ... read more
Regulate - Regulate
Really solid hardcore album with some extra elements thrown in. The really great songs are The Crime, You & I, Work, and C.O.P. The rest are fun tunes but fall flat in some aspects of memorability and lack a true grabbing moment. The track Hair stands out as more of a pop punk tune, but hits me as a real outlier in a bad way. It is a decent track on its own merit, but fits weird in the context of this record. On the best moments, the vocals are raw and aggressive, the breakdowns hit hard, ... read more
James And The Shame - Human Overboard
A good collection of songs. Some are surely better than others. The album can be a little monotonous in the production and the songwriting, but the lyricism packs a punch. Even out of the context of knowing who Rhett is and having heard his story, this album hits hard lyrically. I would recommend to anyone who has experienced the same sort of spiritual deconstruction that is being described. The best tracks are probably Fruit, Sorry, and Only Thing.
Slipknot - THE END, SO FAR
This album is for the die hard Slipknot fans. It does not sound that good as far as production goes. Very flat and uninteresting. The songs have some good moments that stand out. The opening track, Adderall, is a really unique interesting moment almost akin to a Ghost track. The track De Sade also has a great back half with a really great solo section. It is a decent listen, but no real reason for anyone to give it a chance if you’re not into Slipknot.
Stray from the Path - Euthanasia
Doesn’t do much that past Stray albums haven’t done. It seems like after Goodnight Alt Right this band’s lyrics have become mostly catchphrases and things like that. The commentary hits hard, and the breakdowns rock. A lot of the songs fall to the background, however. Good listen for someone into hardcore and metalcore, but I will only walk away with a few tracks.


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