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sanfordfriedman -
EDIT: This is now my favorite album of all time.

Every time I listen to Bloom, I am more amazed at how a human was able to make these songs.

To me, this album captures a special emotion that is hard to illicit. It is the feeling of lonely comfort. The feeling that you are all by yourself, yet you are satisfied. You are happy. You are thankful for your life, what you have, the relationships with other people, yet you're alone. And it's beautiful. When you can't get a hard-hitting argument or a ... read more

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sanfordfriedman -
Incredibly innovative, sonically, for 1976. It incorporates so many genres and influences, it's hard to count. I hear Eno, I hear The Beatles, I hear jazz... lots of stuff.

While it does drag on a little bit, the experimentation is really well-done, and "The Sound of Someone You Love Who's Going Away And It Doesn't Matter" is an amazing piece of music.
sanfordfriedman -
Cool textures and sounds, but a lack of any form of innovation especially in the songwriting...

Felt a little corny, especially when it came to the "we do drugs" songs, they felt very forced.
sanfordfriedman -
Picked this up at a record shop, great mix of bluegrass and jazz compositions and chord changes.

The musicianship here is top-notch... might have to check out some more bluegrass, I love the way the fast runs all mix together with violin and bass to create a beautiful mosaic of country splendor.
sanfordfriedman -
R.I.P. Bob Marley...

This is a fantastic live album from Bob Marley and the Wailers' Kaya Tour in 1978. Simply put, it's a great collection of some upbeat, high-energy live reggae tracks, spanning Bob Marley's whole discography. You can hear how incredible of a performer he was, and it's such good vibes that it's hard not to like.
sanfordfriedman -
Just one of the most beautiful, serene albums I've ever heard, period.

Just one guitar and one singer, transporting me to another world through pure, unbridled beauty.
Sep 22, 2020
Thanks! Likewise my friend
Sep 20, 2020
Of course! I'm glad you love 'em. :)
Sep 20, 2020
What's your favorite album to listen in the Fall/Autumn season? It's for a list
Sep 20, 2020
Also i sorta try to be funny and there is one story i regret that happened a few days ago I pinged the admins on brads discord server and said pee pee poo poo and i got a warning Still regret it tho and i said i did it as a joke and eveyone was like wtf
Sep 20, 2020
My Favourite Review of mine is the lil tecca Idk why But i try not to bullshit so for example i hated the album ye and jesus is king When Most People Liked it What i feel is just in my reviews Also I have a music server if you want tell ur friends about it and doublez weedjesus and phillip so if you are interested Just dm me on discord Noz#2399
Sep 19, 2020
Also Thanks So Much for the support
Sep 19, 2020
Damn For Real i'm actually just a normal kid tbh I listen to music and give a fair score also sometime calculate the average for tracks and I've been doing daily reviews for about 3 weeks like your also what do you mean by entertaining what is entertaining for you and also what do you not like about it thx for the support
Sep 9, 2020
Thanks, likewise!
Sep 4, 2020
of course and i appreciate it! <3
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