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cfreemon -
The rollout for Random Access Memories was truly unforgettable. The snippets of music on SNL, the release of the track list on Vine (giving the infant platform some notoriety), the videos with the album's collaborators, the leaks, and the launch of the album in the Australian desert town of Wee Waa. Wee Waa I tell you! It was enough press for a summer blockbuster, unlike any other record I can think of during my 26+ years of life. And seemingly against all odds, the album lived up the hype and ... read more

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cfreemon -
A very fun slice of boisterous noise pop that we've come to expect from Sleigh Bells. The additional synth elements are a nice touch.

Standouts: SWEET75, An Acre Lost, Locust Laced, Knowing, Justine Go Genesis, Tennessee Tips, Rosary, Red Flag Flies, True Seekers, Hummingbird Bomb
cfreemon -
Screen Violence is probably CHVRCHES' best record since their debut, though the dynamic nature of their early work is still missing. It's merely acceptable synthpop that never elevates above the supermarkets you'll inevitably hear it in.

Standouts: Asking for a Friend, California, Final Girl, Good Girls, Lullabies
cfreemon -
Perhaps the only way to follow up an underproduced, rushed album like Jesus is King is to make its antithesis. Donda is overproduced, overhyped, overlong and overflowing with great ideas and garbage ideas. It's both an incredibly clear and incredibly muddled look into Kanye's world in 2021. Think of a call back to Yeezus and 808's and Heartbreaks while continuing to explore Gospel and Christian music. Yes, it's a complete mess, but a mess I'd call a beautiful one at times.

The album has been ... read more
cfreemon -
Whereas Imploding the Mirage soared over Western American landscapes, Pressure Machine is located directly beneath where ItM flies. It's full of tales of a hole-in-the-wall town where opioid addiction, accidental deaths and late-night crime is common. But while the previous record applied Springsteen-ian storytelling to massively fun pop rock anthems, the Springsteen influence is much heavier and clunkier this go round. Brandon Flowers is much better at a general form of songwriting, and his ... read more
cfreemon -
I always thought I'd enjoy a Deafheaven record more without the screaming vocals, but after hearing Infinite Granite, I kind of miss them. The shrill screams pop up here and there, but the newly sung vocals have as much flavor as an unsalted chicken breast. It's instrumentally solid as every Deafheaven album is, but the heart just isn't there like it used to.

Standouts: In Blur, The Gnashing, Mombasa


May 17, 2021
Hello sir,namaste🙏🏻, loved your reviews and followed you. My 2nd conceptual EP 'Marine Affairs' has been just released and I will request you from my heart to check it once. I consists 4 songs (English majorly, with some tinge of hindi and Bengali in 2 track) and it will take only 8 minutes. I know you are busy enough but will be grateful if you review it on AOTY. Your review means a lot. It's a very novice attempt and I am learning, so I will request you to put a very honest review off course. Hope you are in safest of condition in this very hard times. If you do, it will make my day. Thanks in advance for your precious time. ✨🙏🏻
attaching the Spotify and AOTY link:


Mar 1, 2021
I’ve heard some good things about that album! I’ll definitely be checking it out in the near future 🙏🏼
Feb 28, 2021
Hi friend! Thanks for the follow! Let’s connect, what would you consider your favorite album of this year so far? 😁
Feb 6, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Nov 6, 2020
Nov 5, 2020
Hey, whats your favorite album released in the 60’s. (For a list)
Oct 29, 2020
Ayee!!! I just dropped my first single which will also be included as part of Insomnia Cafe’s Halloween Special coming Friday. It’s a halloween banger to get the vibes on deck.

Check it out, rate it, hit me up with ur feedback or whatever u decide to do with it I’ll certainly appreciate It!





Thank ya’ll, have a happy halloween & Enjoy!
Oct 26, 2020
Hey wuzuhh just fyi Im not spamming this on all users profiles just mostly on the few I follow. I started a youtube channel with a brotha of mine and I just finished uploading our second video. They’ll be plenty of more content In the future but I just launched the channel on friday. Subcribe If u like, leave a comment In my shoutbox with ur thoughts & opinions If u wish, I’ll greatly appreciate It :)

Have a nice day!
May 29, 2020
yes. was ononoki before but i changed haha
May 28, 2020
kaiki pfp


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