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Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign
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Radiohead - Kid A
The Epitome of Abstract Art

(Before beginning: In the linked reviews, I talk about the fundamental elements that make Radiohead’s music so enduring, why its brilliant, the fundamentals of the music etc., which I feel will adequately convey information that I didn’t focus on in this review, I invite you to read them).

Ok Computer Review:
In Rainbows Review: ... read more

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“You’ve got it, and then you don’t” - Sickboy, Trainspotting.

Talk of absolutely shattering my optimism for the new year. “Every Loser” is the most abysmal Post-Punk record I’ve heard in a while. What’s most baffling is the fact this album feels like an amateur musician’s first attempt at the genre, despite the fact Iggy Pop is quite literally one of the founding fathers of Punk music. On his nineteenth studio album, the vocal performances ... read more

Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
Oh my words can do this justice alright.

An artist who can inspire a fanbase to unite and celebrate the release of their art is something that demands recognition, regardless of your interpretation of
the musicians subjective quality. To possess the capacity to stir passion and inspire an audience to rendezvous so rambunctiously across the innumerable virtual spaces of the internet in celebration is a signifier of artistic competence. Conversely, the most scathing musical slander is ... read more

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II
156 Minutes of synaesthetic splendour.

I remember it fondly, the frigid Thursday night I was cradled in my bed sheets and hoarding their every ounce of warmth. I was ill; it was that needle sting at the back of your throat, the slithering sickness somewhere within your weakened neck that occasionally made you wretch. The night before I was the jubilant young lad, wolfing down shots of vodka far beyond the chimes of midnight, now I was a decrepit shell of a man. My body was in a state of ... read more

Björk - Vespertine
Music’s Deepest Exploration of Love.

The wistful lake slumbered agleam with glitter, clairvoyant constellations that patterned the lithely surface. As winter drew near, a delicate breeze parasolled from the whispering night sky, gently wavering like a reverie before deeply penetrating the icy waters. Above, snowflakes swayed like phantom wisps, dissolving onto the souls levitating from the ripples. The ethereal plain, a place knowable to all but unknown by most. Every day the swans ... read more

Blood Incantation - Timewave Zero
Thursday Quickie: Blood Incantation - Timewave Zero

Blood Incantation have been one of the most essential Death Metal Bands in recent years. The fiery Starspawn and Dusty, Avant Garde, conceptual Hidden History of the Human Race illustrated that there was still a place for Technical Death Metal that could explore fascinating soundscapes. Their intergalactic, alienating brand of death metal caused Hidden History of the Human Race to become an acclaimed hit amongst critics and Death Metal fans ... read more


After that, the list will be gradually added to, a bit like RYM's "featured reviews" on the front page. So if you're interested, please shoutout 4x AOTY review links, including at least 1 from you and 1 from another user. (Reminder: minimum 3,000 characters). Finally, if you don't want to be included in this list because another user has chosen you, please let me know.
In parallel, I have just published my second review of my new series "No Sleep on This:
and my list has just been published:
Thank you in advance for your support. Love
Hey Claydjs
I hope you're well! Voila, I'm launching a new list of communities that I'm offering you to participate in (if you want to, of course). This is the first wave and I've thought of you for the launch. To pay tribute to all the enthusiasts of this site, "Long Reviews - AOTY Guide" will group together all the reviews of over 3000 characters (minimum) that users wish to highlight because they are particularly proud or fans (Regardless of publication date). The aim is to give priority to writing, without underestimating oneself, as the list will above all be a place for sharing, with everyone having a place here. You'll have several choices: either submit your own reviews, and/or submit those of others. In the interests of sharing, we'll initially try to limit the number of reviews appearing on the list. For example, it won't be possible to have more than 2 reviews included per user. To continue..
Hey Clay! I'm currently creating what's known as a network graph or "Atlas" of AOTY, and someone mentioned YOU! :D To ensure the highest accuracy possible, as well as allow as many members to take part I'm asking all users mentioned if they'd like to take part as well! The following link will take you to a form if you do decide to take part: Hope you had/have an awesome day, and thank you in advance if you do decide to contribute to the Atlas!
Absolutely. Very rarely do I feel like an album has no low points or any problems, every track just hits me with awe
dope as fuck for giving The Inner Mounting Flame a 10 :)
Hey Clay, I am once again an AOTY user asking for your time.

Self-promos aren’t something I usually feel comfortable doing, since if you’re not interested in what I’m promoting then I don’t really wanna make you watch something you don’t care about. And if that’s the case, feel free to just ignore me, I probably won’t ever do shoutbox promos again anyway lol. But I recently dropped Part 1 of my top 20 songs of 2023 and spent a TON of time on editing and stuff so I’m gonna self-indulge a little bit here. If you’ve got the time or it sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’d love to know what you think of it! Thank you!
hope ur well
Hi Claydjs
Hope you're well! Happy New Year! I’m back and I'd like to inform you that I've relaunched my series The History of The Albums, so don't hesitate to check it out my new review :
I also invite you to leave a "like" on my evolving list of the best projects of 2024:
Thank you in advance for your support 😊
Hello there Clay!
Me and my brother recently released an album - in my review I explained the cool story behind how it was made and how it went semi-viral.
It would mean a lot if you could take a look, I promise it's pretty interesting :D

You can also check out my year-end lists that I just finished making, they took some time to make so I hope you enjoy the little notes I included with every album and song!

Best Albums List:
Best Songs List:

sorry for bothering you, that's it, thanks :>
Hello there, Clay! Wanna partake in my new community list?
The topic this time will be a bit seasonal: coziest albums/songs! Imagine the perfect music for snuggling in the fluffiest blankie, sipping on some hot choccy milk while admiring the chill snowfall from the window outside.
Thanks in advance!


Entering my “music is meant to sound like absolute trash” era.

Alex is the name, and wetting the bed over Charli XCX is the game. Pronouns are sick and awesome sauce.

I’ll say I’m dropping a review and you won’t see it for years… oh and my reviews are rather large, just like your mother.

Favourite Albums are my most recent 9’s and 10’s.

20 (He/Him) - Welsh 🥴

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