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 - Something Like This But Not This
I think my opinion on this album is skewed by a few things
A) many songs depict going through a rough time. And I, too, am Going Through A Rough Time. Bike Riding, the first few lines of Sox and Wild Days are so familiar and close to me that they hurt
B) I saw many of these songs live and hearing them on the album makes me miss live music even more.
C) theyre from Canberra. Im from Canberra. I got on the door for one of their shows once by telling them a story about how one of their shirts ... read more
 - Doomsday Ballet
I saw these guys live in Brisbane in 2019 and just didn't know what to take from it. So I was unsure about this album, but God I've sunk into it. You can feel the Paul Kelly influence.
No songs individually stand up to how good I thought Hume was, but collectively it makes a solid album.
Stand out songs are Double Dreaming (whenever something says 'double _____' I'll shout DOUBLE DREAMING WOO WOOOO), Sally's place and Morning Rain.
 - Been Doin' It For a Bit
I love Ruby Fields. Some of these songs are 100/100, some I think may grow on me but for now don't resonate. I was hoping for some fun guitar in the way that Dingo on her last EP had, which we didn't see on this. But the whole album is evidence of her and the band growing and evolving as artists. It's beautiful to see. Warms my little heart.
 - How to Socialise & Make Friends
Considering how good their first album was, I was shocked at how good this album is. Second albums can struggle to stand up with the first album but God this album is good. There are bits that slap, bits that are slow and hurt my heart but all around I could listen to it over and over.
Again, bass lines, vocals and lyrics are so so amazing. Camp cope are important.
The Face of God describes the abusive relationship I was suffered through in a way that I cannot begin to to express myself. It ... read more
 - Camp Cope
This album. This fucking album. It's important. It's amazing.
The vocals. The lyrics. The bass lines. Uuumf. Everything is so good. Get around this. Absorb yourself in it.

Stand out songs: West Side Story, Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams, Lost (Season One)

Favourite lyrics: (West Side Story)
And it all comes down to the knowledge that we’re gonna die
Find comfort in that or be scared for the rest of your life
So, I sing and I scream and I strum and I try to help out
’Til I can ... read more


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Australian punk/rock/emo. If you can yell it at a gig or it makes you sad, I probably like it.

I want all the recommendations please. My usual source of new music (openers at gigs) are not an option right now and my music library is suffering.

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