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Ibi -
This is taking a weird turn, it's a good background listen but i feel like modest mouse are trying to take a twenty one pilots approach and become more poppy and it really doesn't fit Isaacs vocals at all he sounds to quiet and just, they can do so much better the chorus is okay but doesn't mean anything which can be okay not all music needs to have meaning but this is just lazy

Come on guys you can do so much better.
Ibi -
Honestly, I didn't think I was going to write this, I only got into this band maybe a week or 2 before the release of this album, a friend suggested them after I mentioned: "wishing bands used more cowbell" suggesting houseplants, I wish I got introduced earlier but oh well. The first time I listened to this album at 4 am with no sleep it blew me away the second g.s.k came on I was extremely impressed so here's a (hopefully) short review on the album from my point of view

The lead ... read more
Ibi -
Honestly this might be car seat headrests weakest modern day release, it has a few good songs i think the new version of oh starving and its nice to have teenagers take of your clo- on Spotify but still I've stated before i always liked the raw sound of early car seat headrest so the crisp sound on this release sounds a bit off somtimes. It's still a nice album that works well.
Ibi -
This song is terrible, not even talking about the person who made it and what he did but hes so monotone somtimes it can be a good thing but here it fucking sucks and the lyrics just Jesus fuck i can't do this
Ibi -
This album is really good "British" rock and honestly wilbur dose amazing as a loud lead singer and the drums on this are extremely good especially in taunt and one day, a ep was a good release for there first i feel like a album may have turned some off and 4 songs is just enough for a good taste of what they have

Obviously one day is the biggest song here being built up and teased by wilbur and is extremely catchy i also really like taunt and sex sells.

honestly for a short ... read more


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