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Mac Miller - Circles
I miss you mac
Lovejoy - Pebble Brain
Yes im giving this a 100 i loved this every song holds it own and we get alot more content, you can definitely hear the growth i hear alot of ska and indie rock influences with some modest mouse and maybe some squid in a few bits like in the fall, honestly this is a perfect indie rock album.

The drummer is amazing and will carrys with some really good emotional vocals. The messages seem to be very similar but that's okay, simple love problems and dealing with depression and mental health, ... read more

We Lost The Sea - Departure Songs
Post-rock is a very sensitive subject in the music space especially places like rym and music twitter and I think it can be amazing, the album I'm talking about right now is an amazing example. This album is very close to my heart.

We Lost the Sea is a 2010s former metal and as of current post-rock band, I say former mental because their lead singer passed away a little bit before the release of this album. This album is dedicated to them and deals with death in an amazing way.

Death is big ... read more

Car Seat Headrest - How to Leave Town
This is my second car seat headrest album review at least the main ones so obviously this album means a lot to me and I'd like to hopefully convey that well through my words and description of this album.

I have to be honest I only listened to the entirety of this album semi-recently and I wish I listened to it earlier, the ending of Dramamine was daunting to me not even for the length but the repetitiveness of the beginning of the song which I now see as a strong suit this song is a good ... read more

Infinite Body - Carve Out the Face of My God
This album is a special one because I don't have a lot to say but I'm saying it anyway. Carve out the face of my God is a noise/ ambient drone album created by musician infinite bodys and was released in 2010.

This album is definitely a harsh one immediately starting with heavy static and noise but easing into some softer synth like sounds. I'd compared this album to Tim heckers work with how loud and grand this album sounds. I actually describe it as "what the feeling of an aircon or fan ... read more


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I gotta follow the only other person who liked flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe
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