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innkpstr -
Dear Paul,

please do not work with the people produced that record again.

Love you,
Poor AOTY well-wisher
innkpstr -
Aphex Twin for poor people
innkpstr -
Russia has a unique approach to black metal. The pinnacle of Path's music is Toska. Nabokov explains it in a such way: Toska — a dull ache of the soul, a sick pining, a spiritual anguish. Once you dive into this album you might feel it.
innkpstr -
I do understand you David. I do.
innkpstr -
The album for angsty insecure semi-adults who loved cheap rebellious pop-punk as a teenager. It is basically the same rebellious pop-punk that become much more topical and deep in some respects. Appeals to me fantastically.
Jan 18, 2021
...approaching this type of music, I do believe one has to be in the right mindset in order to fully experience both the intellectual and emotional revelations of the music that can only be accessed when full focus and attention is given. Even though some find it necessary to understand what is going on in this type of music, I believe it to not be entirely necessary. An analogy I like to use is when riding a rollercoaster all the concerns of the passenger are enthralled in the speed and thrill of the experience, not in the mechanics of how the rollercoaster is functioning or operating. That is great that you love Trilogie de Mort but I wouldn't worry about trying to understand it, because you actually probably do through an "emotional understanding" since it already resonates with you. I would encourage you to check out more of Radigue's work and slowly experience some works by Bernard Parmegiani "De Natura Sonorum", and
"Quatre études de bruits", by Pierre Schaeffer.
Jan 18, 2021
I am so glad to hear you enjoyed the recommendations! Musique Concrete and all of its experimental relatives (genres) offer a unique perspective on music in general, music that while not immediately comprehended or understood gradually reveals itself to the willing listener. It is music that has a very potent element of curiosity and surprise, that has me personally returning for more as the piece slowly moves from complete obscurity and incomprehensible to a deeply moving and personal effect. It is the work of Parmegiani, Bayle, Schaeffer, and Henry that infuse in their music such a sense of ingenuity and unparalleled creativity that creates the most oddly satisfying and rewardingly enjoyable sound experience. While many compare musique concrete to popular music to be superior over the other, I don't normally like to compare and contrast the two because they both serve their individual purposes, I just tend to gravitate toward the unbridled creativity found in experimental. As for...
Jan 15, 2021
Three very accessible albums in my 90+

Future Days - Can
Hot Fives and Sevens - Louis Armstrong
Visions of the Country - Robbie Basho
Jan 13, 2021
Hey there! yes, I have been gradually transferring and spreading out all of my ratings so that my highest scored albums are more appropriately distanced between my 40s and under (I also recently published a rating reference in my bio which you might find helpful when looking at my ratings). There haven't been major changes in my favorites which are the 80s and up, mainly some thinning out. The process isn't entirely finished as of right now, I have some re-rating to do in my 60s and 50s scores. I'm glad to hear you have been getting some recommendations out of my ratings!
Oct 7, 2020
OH thank you for give so much love to my album virtuell weltanschauung... I feel so blessed right now ;)
Oct 6, 2020
...also understanding classical music can also be achieved by buying the score of the piece you are listening to and reading it as it progresses, i have found that to be particularly enjoyable! i hope i have answered your question, feel free to ask much as you like!
Oct 6, 2020
Thank You! It looks like you already understand a great portion of classical music as you like shostakovich and sibelius! If you havent already i would check out shostakovich's string quartets, specifically his eighth quartet. Its marvelous!

I think string quartets are vital to understanding classical music because of how intimate yet expressive they are and that is an aspect that is sometimes missing in full-scale symphonies. I think the path to understanding classical music is simply achieved by immersing yourself in the genre by digging into the catalogs of fantastic labels such as Deutsche Grammophon, Col Legno, Montaigne and many others but it is also important to witness orchestral music live (i know that is somehwhat difficult nowadays).
Jun 20, 2020
Wow thanks so much for the recs. I'll try my best to get to them, they all seem fascinating
Jun 11, 2020
Thank you so much for the recommendation! I haven't heard Magamaev's music yet, but it does sound interesting so I will indeed listen to it later.
Any other Russian artists you suggest I check out?
Burden of tastelessness.
From country that invented mourning hardbass and post-soviet wave.
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