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Radiohead - Kid A
Kid A
Jan 25

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The Beatles - Please Please Me
Please Please Me is the start of possibly the greatest career in music for any artist or band. Of course that would be the career of The Beatles. John, Paul, George, and Ringo we're all fairly young when this album came out, all being younger than 23, which I don't think a lot of people consider on their first listen of the album. The Beatles are so larger than life that we often think of them in this legendary ancients status, when the crazy thing about music is we are hearing them at their ... read more
Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
It's really awesome when you get to see a band this late in their career still have so much creativity. Creatively, this is Radiohead at their best. The years of experience within the industry and the growth each individual member has had allowed them to come together and create what is probably their most beautiful album. There isn't one dull moment on A Moon Shaped Pool from start to finish. Burn the Witch is my favorite Radiohead opener and truly shows Johnny Greenwood's expertise as a ... read more
Radiohead - The King of Limbs
I think The King Of Limbs is a little bit overhated by non Radiohead fans, and a bit overrated by Radiohead fans. I find myself in a healthy middle opinion about the album as I think there are some strong parts and weak parts about it. The King Of Limbs sees Radiohead get back into an experimental mood, but unlike their other experimental counterparts, TKOL doesn't really seem to have a direction. I think the short runtime works in its favor this way as I think I would begin to get bored at ... read more
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
Post Kid A Amnesiac Radiohead sees the band expertly incorporate sounds from their Kid A sessions into more political and rock based ideas. Again, Radiohead do not miss with their openers and closers as the album smacks you in the face with 2 + 2 = 5, while the closer A Wolf At the Door is the music embodiment of the chaos and color of the album cover. Sail To The Moon is one of Thom's better vocal performances and is up there for one of the most beautiful Radiohead songs. Thematically, it ... read more
Radiohead - Amnesiac
I think there's two way to look at Amnesiac. Obviously you have the normal album way, but you can also look at it like a Kid A B side. For an album, yeah this things pretty good. But as a B side? Holy shit this might be the best B side to come out ever! I think different perspectives on how you listen to this album can change your experience, but regardless I like it. It has some of my favorite Radiohead songs on it in Knives Out and Pyramid Song. Those two can compete with any Radiohead song ... read more


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