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Björk - Post
Feb 28

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Fleet Foxes - Shore
thank you to everyone for 100 reviews! here’s to 100 more.

for this longer review, we’ll be talking about “shore” by fleet foxes. while i don’t think it’s perfect, or even the best fleet foxes album (“crack-up” and maybe even “helplessness blues” are better), this album means way more to me than both of those two and maybe any other album ever created. it was the first album i fully listened to, front to back, and it really got me ... read more

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Everything Everything - Mountainhead
short review-
everything everything's new album just feels like get to heaven but a little bit less inspired, a bit less diverse. there's definitely a lot more filler on here, in between a couple of actually great tracks. lyrically, i still have the same complaint as "get to heaven" -- i think they could lean into the political stuff even more because when they're not doing that they sound pretty bland and uninteresting. however, there are some truly beautiful moments on here -- the ... read more
Mannequin Pussy - I Got Heaven
"i got heaven", mannequin pussy's latest LP, has catchy songwriting with some exploration in rock genres, but suffers from a lack of ambition and some poor production choices

i was really excited to listen to the rest of the album after hearing the opener/title track, which has these really fun shouty moments and aggressive instrumentals that just works really well. many of the tracks on the album manage to keep up the super kinetic atmosphere, like the addictive drums on ... read more

twenty one pilots - Trench
short review-
damn this band really needs to give more credit to the other 19 pilots, they worked so hard on this album but they don't get any recognition anywhere

in all seriousness, what a surprising effort from twenty one pilots. the start is legitimately magical, the run to chlorine is actually insane and if the album had kept that momentum up it could've been a nine. unfortunately it stagnates a bit and the writing gets a bit more boring near the end, and the rapping really ruins a few ... read more

Faye Webster - Underdressed at the Symphony
short review-
a very nice sounding album but it doesn't feel like it has a lot of substance. the first three tracks are really enjoyable and well produced after that it feels a bit samey. also i was expecting big things from the lil yachty feature but it was full of these really awkward tempo changes that made it feel like it wasn't super well written. also, the autotune on track 5 is really not it.
short review-
i'm so sorry people who love this album but i still can't stand it. most of the songs are really inoffensive and sound the same to me, and the lyrics don't feel that strong either. the chord progressions don't really feel like they go anywhere. i'll have to write a longer review at some point to express better why i dislike this so much


When you say you've gotten through the backlog of albums does that mean you've ranked every album you've listened to on here?
Thanks for following, I appreciate it!!
Oh my gosh; I’d be honored to read it Mr. Birdy! Thanks for sending it to me!

(And thank you; I really appreciate it when y’all enjoy what I write!)
Hi ! Thanks ! Excellent job, keep it up ! I'm working on a project that will be released soon, your review will be included, I'll keep you informed
Wonderful job on the review! I usually use a similar format for my longer reviews. It's easier to write out something that's more conceptual because it gives you more room for adding your own interpretation behind each track and helps sequence on what you wanna say. I also like to have personal anecdotes to open up a review or in-between the review on key tracks. That's just how I operate to make the reader engage with you. Congratulations again on your analysis and thank you for your kind words 🙏🙏
I actually really enjoy your reviews, you get to your points super quickly and have good explanations and reasonings. You should definitely do a long review to also celebrate 100 reviews though, it's a very cool milestone :)
Hey Lark, I don't know how your doing so many reviews lately lmao. I’ve just released my first long format review of Quadeca’s I Didn’t Mean To Haunt You to celebrate 100 reviews. I’d appreciate it so much if you could check it out, thankyou :)

I recommend either album by The Hu. (The Gereg or Rumble of Thunder, I prefer the Gereg but either is fine)
I second the Grace recommendation
You should check out ‘Grace’ by Jeff Buckley, it’s one of my all time favourites I think you’d enjoy it a lot :)



pianist, flutist, music lover

recommendations/self-promotions highly encouraged -- i'm always looking for something new to listen to!

we don't do 100s here

really like creative/unorthodox harmonies and instrumentation in music

check out my decent reviews list for medium to long form reviews and feel free to leave feedback! thanks!

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