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Oct 18

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Nov 28, 2019
Admittedly, I had no real expectations going into this project. I had heard Hobo Johnson’s last album, The Rise of Hobo Johnson, early in 2019. That particular project had a couple stand out tracks, but as a whole I wasn’t blown away by the album. Overall, I believe that this newest project is a creative step-up for Hobo Johnson. There are more tonally distinct tracks on this album, and Johnson does a great job at giving both fun and serious performances when either is needed, ... read more
Nov 22, 2019
Those that know me best could easily tell you that Kendrick Lamar is my favorite artist of all time (at the time of my writing this review). It was To Pimp a Butterfly that sparked my interest in discussing/listening to/reviewing albums in general, and got me interested in the hip hop genre as well. That being said, I’ve never discussed to any capacity this album or To Pimp a Butterfly in an official review. While it may not be as inventive from a production standpoint compared to ... read more
Nov 20, 2019
Nearly four months after this album first came out, the question remains: Is The Big Day still awful? Yes, it is still awful. On this bloated, 77 minute project, there is not a single song, or even a single moment, where Chance gives a performance one could call good. The features range from fine, such as Ben Gibbard’s on the track “Do You Remember”, to terrible, such as MadeInTYO on the roller coaster of a track that is “Hot Shower”. Lyrically speaking, this album ... read more
Nov 19, 2019
I first began listening to King Crimson in late September, in order to prepare for a discussion on the band that would take place on-air through the college radio station I am a part of. Almost instantly, I fell in love with the group, and in love with this record in particular. Despite the record only consisting of five songs, four of them are songs which I absolutely adore. The amount of variety displayed among each song is incredible, as King Crimson is able to masterfully transition between ... read more
Sep 18, 2019
Although I have not finished going through the full BROCKHAMPTON discography at the time of this review, as I still need to listen to SATURATION 3 and iridescence, I did enjoy Ameer Vann’s role in the group’s dynamic as a whole. The darker spin he brought to the tone of the whole group was rather interesting, and made for some great contrast on even greater tracks, most notably “HEAT” or “GUMMY”. Unfortunately, with the exception of maybe a song or two, ... read more
Jul 25, 2019
Jul 20, 2019
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Jul 19, 2019
Didn't know you were on AOTY
Jul 19, 2019
Oh. My. God. It's the Kazoo man
I mostly post reviews on twitter (@LittleCT5), but this website seems neat! I tend to enjoy most genres, and I'm always open to recommendations! My scores typically reflect the mean value for my ratings of each individual song on a particular album.
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