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Feb 17

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Mozart -
Black Country, New Road releases a strong album of the year contender. Where's the surprise?

Hyped up of Black Country, New Road's debut. I really planned to puts my first review after a while for this. I knew I won't get dissapointed, I already acclaimed the album. Thus, the title, for the first time I write a review this year. So, let's go for tracks.

Opened with an instrumental 'Instrumental'. Sadly, no surprise, they started the album very, very well. With the highlights being danceable ... read more

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Mozart -
From January-released music, shame's Drunk Tank Pink leads the race.

Departing from the heavy riffing, and overall atmosphere of the debut, shame's sophomore work instead offers an incredibly fun listen of their post-punk style. With how the tracklist goes from sticking to a certain formula on a couple cuts, to experimenting more and more towards the end. There were variation throughout the album, thus keeping up the momentum.

The formula for the band's fun-to-listen cuts were clear; ... read more
Mozart -
An album I've replayed a lot this year, and will likely so in the better future. Very important.

What a diverse record. The production were stunning, filled with genius sample choices across the whole album, Louis Prima's vocal loop in '4th Dimension' comes to mind. Both performances were consistently great. Kanye West' verses is always on-point, from flows to lyrics. Kid Cudi, had a very strong vocal performances with special touch of hums. And, with his lower vocals, his verses were so fit ... read more
Mozart -
A peaceful record that represents an important calming break of the 2020. After a very tiring time, how about you relax a bit?

7/10 - Like It
Mozart -
Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' is a vibe.

This is probably his most appreciated release after the four-record run. Most notably, his rock attempt 'Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven', which, in my opinion, a certain miss. And, for me, it's reasonable. Considering that the album is the closest he got to the Man On The Moon-sound, from the whole run. His vocal work were much more in-tune, despite the slight misses. And, I liked the production a lot. It's clear that they're aiming it to be very moody, ... read more
Mozart -
Loud and noisy, yet fun to listen to. It's no doubt that Daughters' self-titled is a much more focused, and well-structured than the previous two. With noise rock sound, they gives what a very loud instrumentation, but in a way that it's accessible. It's very groovy, but so dizzying. Not to mention, the thick guitar riffs all over the album that are super memorable.

Conclusion, I liked the album a lot. 'The Dead Singer' were frickin' wild.

Favorite Tracks : The Dead Singer, The Hit
Least ... read more
Feb 20, 2021
Hi, I am here with a question:
If all album covers were edible, which album would you choose to eat?
and yes, this is for a list.
Feb 14, 2021
man running! what he runnin from doe?
Feb 8, 2021
haha no problem, thanks for following back :)
Feb 5, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Jan 18, 2021
My favorite is personally The Black Parade by MCR it was the album that got me into music. But of the ones i have currently reviewed its Songs For The Deaf by Queens OF The Stone Age.
Jan 17, 2021
Thanm you dude same goes for you great reviews man. Also what would you consider your favorite album
Nov 23, 2020
That record belongs to me. Thank you for having an account to follow
Nov 17, 2020
of course!!
Nov 16, 2020
tfw you get a follow from Mozart 😎😎😎
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